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The 6h Ukranian Championship took place at the end of July. Judging from the video on the left side the girls and boy had a lot of fun there!
It doesn't look like a huge contest but we would like to highlight that there was a girls class with 2 riders which is pretty cool! There is some footage of the ladies in the video, too. 

1. Фадеев Игорь - Николаев, Украина.
2. Медведев Иван – Винница, Украина.
3. Савочкин Константин – Минск, Беларусь.
4. Зимин Виталий – Киев. Украина.

1. Добровольская Анастасия – Одесса, Украина.
2. Воронкина Александра – Киев, Украина.


1. Завалишин Игорь – Ставрополь, Россия.
2. Рыбаченко Александр - Николаев, Украина.
3. Страхов Сергей – Сумы, Украина.
4. Шешегов Александр – Ильичёвск, Украина,

We know that Facebook isn't that famous in Russia and some Eastern European countries so we created a Global-Flat page on the local network
You can also find more information and photos of the contest on

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