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How are you everyone?

Kanto people who think that I can sleep soundly spend their days in the aftershock of the night.

Although it is one of those people out, not give a damn who think that way and I blame no.

I think many people feel the same.

The not sleep in the cold, the illness gets worse eventually unimaginable hardship to those who would die.

What shall find God and Oran have seen on TV how the tsunami swallowed the town and people.

And perhaps they can do something to me as an organizer, I thought.

I do not know when will it fall apart because their bases were also told that what I wished to open a charity event.

So, I decided to send a donation of 30,000 yen from the war chest is insignificant event.

Consistent light gun killing demons of 7,000 million yen yeah sama (gun or a tourist) If so that would be about 30,000 yen wave Dodo I, to have a ball we're just doing all the power.

You might think that this guy and me about what he likened to a time like this anime, in Japan today there is no ball well, "difficult" cells that 倒Semasen.

Amount of reconstruction will take trillions of yen.

The cell is too strong.

振Ri込Mimasu 35,000 yen to Red Cross tomorrow to be piggybacked Watakushi personally feel!

I did wave to wave super Dodo Dodo!

A war chest of competition from the way you originally Entry is sponsored Fri.

A cycle of extra money to help the next tournament in tournament continues from the time of the last 4TRiK is intended to use the money for the tournament.

So maybe, some people might think hey, I'll do my best to be able to participate in rider smile northeast of fun and competition to be opened next 何Tozo I would appreciate your understanding.

Miyuki did not have time on weekdays Gumomada walk or work, or is being noisily back to Osaka for a moment to show his face was, Setsuko worried sick over this weekend.

Moyamoya has been since the bike is not riding at all if it like this.

Even so, a great governor Hashimoto.
Letters often do not see Osaka to watch the disaster-related news?
It was good to vote for him one then.

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