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It was a dark wet Novembers evening in Southsea three years ago, my flatmatters page had been dropped from Ride UK, I wondered what I would do next, I looked around on the internet and was frustrated with what I saw, content wise, I wondered if I could start posting videos and content that kept up with the going’s on in flatland, if that would help flatland in the longtime, its already crazy to me, flatmatters is 3 years old! Where did the time go? I wonder how many updates I did in that time?! Im not going to count!!!
Besides the 3 year anniversary edit that dropped on Monday, I wanted to see what reaction to flatmatters was like with a wide spectrum of riders that have inspired me, I sent out the question below to a ton of riders, not everyone got back to me, but I’m proud to say the original intention seems to have worked!

“I wonder what flatmatters has helped bring to flatland in the last 3 years?” (perhaps within that how its effected you personally)

Photo: Jim McKay.

John Yull, Austin Texas.

2 1/2 years ago I couldn’t resist the temptation to start riding flatland again after 15 away. Effraim was there guiding and pushing me from day one helping me pick a frame and motivating me! Checking Flatmatters became the first site I opened every day and still is!
As a Joke one day Effraim said to me ” Maybe one day John you will get on Flatmatters” I took that as a huge challenge and every time I get posted it pushes me harder to do it again!
Thankyou Effraim & Flatmatters!

Anthony Buglio, FlatWeb TV, Portland, Oregon, USA,

Flatmatters, for sure, has brought a reliable, trustworthy consistent source for Flatland news, the breadth and width of which no magazine or forum could match. Underlying each post is an authentic voice at the polar opposite of what we see too often with the internet fights that happen on the forums. Flatmatters has filled the void that little to no media coverage created. Flatmatters is the media arm of flatland.

I would also say that Flatmatters is uniquely positioned to be that “destination” for debuts and exclusive content. Flatmatters reaches all corners of the word and if you want something seen, get it posted on Flatmatters!

Bobby Carter, Diversion TV, Hollywood, CA, USA.

Flatmatters has brought the flatland world together on a blog, indivisible, with bmx and riding for all…

Navid Saleki, Junglerider, Sweden.

It has effected me enormously. I still come home start the computer, go to the fridge, get back to the computer and start checking whats up!! check Mail check FLATMATTERS, get stuck… looking around at the latest updated within flatland worldwide, and feed myself with motivation to go and ride when i got time!!!

Flatmatters have held me up to date through out the years, motivated me in cold weather, and most important Flatmatters have kept me involved with here and now AND tomorrow!!!

Flatmatters is a leader in its environment, pleasant,honest,true,motivating and fun !!! gives more people time to shine, opens doors and make you feel involved!

Flat is whats Matters,

Photo: Fat Tony.

Chad Johnston: S&M/Intrikat. Long Beach, California, USA.

Over the last four to five years I’ve been stoked to watch videos on the internet, but recently the number of these web videos has increased substantially making it nearly impossible to view them all, not to mention even finding them. Flatmatters has helped locate and present any flatland related video or news in one site making it much easier to get my flat fix. Thanks for that E!

George Manos,Heresy Bikes, Greece.

3 years man,it’s a long time and i didn’t realise it until now!It seems so normal today to check “Flatmatters” and instantly share and learn information about what riders do on a daily basis around the whole world,but it’s really insane if you think about like 10 years ago where the only source of bmx information were magazines and videotapes,let alone flatland specific information.For new riders this past reality would be a torture but in the last 3 years “Flatmatters” helped form a new better way of sharing flatland news,becoming from a weekly notice in “global-flat” ,to a blog,to a full website with categories and 2-3 daily updates.It’s a great but hard work which Effraim developed with a quick but steady pace,and thanks to him we all have a place to ride together and speak our thoughts just like if we lived in the same neighbourhood!With scenes growing all over the world and new people getting to know our” sport” Effraim helps us unite alltogether in a big family,and be motivated with each one’s offer to flatland,so thank you E,keep up the good work and most important, keep riding!!

Mark “Rad Dad” Dandridge, BMX Freestyler, Austin, Texas, USA.

As for me personally it has help me stay motivated in my endeavors to keep my progression growing with my flatland skills. You are also on the pulse of the flatland community so I get my daily information from flattmatters.
Flattmatters has giving a large mass of professinoal flatlanders a platform that they can be proud of. It also takes the time to recognize the everyday rider. It has essentially given the community a much needed dose of positive energy. Thanks Effraim for being a shinning example and leading the way!

Frank Macchio, Flat/street head, NYC, USA.

how has flatmatters effected me……..it was allways up to date with the best people riden the bike in ways that are un real ! so it made me go out in hurricane irean in ny back in september and just go ride to my spot get soaking wet on the way there just to do skuffing-sideyards because that was brand new to me. so for some odd reason i one up my self and added a whiplash to the link now that is because of the progression and motivation flatmatters brings to the table !!

( ps – i do have the edit also this is no lie i love flatmatters )

Pete Brandt, Fenix/Quamen, San Francisco, USA.

To me Flatmatters has changed the way I view the internet. After years of seeing negativity on sites, before I would even see the video or read the article, now we see a site that is updating constantly, and really is the site for seeing current modern flatland as well as teaching and showing the roots of flatland. I guess in the normal world people watch CNN and read the newspaper for information on what’s going on in the world, for me I pull up flatmatters first thing to see what’s going on in the world of flatland. I appreciate everything Effraim has done with the site and appreciate all the hard work. Much respect and huge props!!

Shane Badman, Colony, Australia.

First, congrats to the Big E and Flatmatters on 3 huge years!

Straight up, Flatmatters has been the next step in the Internet revolution for flatland. There are other sites that exist, but none focus so specifically or as thoroughly on documenting the progression of flatland… which ultimately is what flatland is all about, so it makes sense right?

Flatmatters is the Twitter of the Flatland world!!

Flatmatters 3 years anniversary edit:


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