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There are some changes in the 2012 KOG regulation. - Novice Class Yearend standings is brought back. Top 3 will get prize (Trophy) at Round3. - Expert class Normal format with 90 seconds run for both qualifier and final. 1st qualifier Riders are divided into 5 groups, A to E based on the latest result (The result of previous round or the latest yearend standings) and 4 riders from each group, total of 20 riders will proceed to the 2nd qualifier. This may be changed 3 riders each if the participants exceeded too much. 2nd qualifier 20(15) riders are divided into 2 groups, A and B and will be judged through both groups. 8 riders proceed to the final. Final Normal format with 90 seconds run - Pro class As to qualifier, 150 seconds (2 minutes half). As to round1, the final is also 150 seconds. As well as last year, 3 different formats will be applied to each round. Round1 Normal Format Round2 Battle format (1 on 1, two 1 minute run) Round3 Triangle format (3 riders each in 3 groups and a rider in each group proceed to the final) 5 all overall judges. The highest and lowest scores are cut and the average of rest of score¡Çs total will be valid. 1 or 2 Expert class finalists may be asked to judge Pro qualifier if it¡Çs needed. Pro final will be judged with regular Pro class judges and 1 or 2 disqualified Pro riders.

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