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This is a computer-based translation of the original text:

Last is last.

No - I remember there is a lot longer to write if I did not mean to but never really followed.

The expert also 04-05 record was good enough but not too good run.

In 2006 after a long time to feel good.

The second game 13th of the fifth game (faint)
2nd third round

Promote professional class!
This time I was very happy.
I thought I had better come take a lot.

The next entry in the Pro class in 2007

She was fascinated by his first overseas.

Held in March. Flatland Unlimited

This tournament had been concerned about Cory Ferter felt that it helped partly fun to ride, also the first overseas.

Chase also caught when leaving the gods "Keep your riding" they said.

Things I would not say the word about Chase.

This video is competition

Tta anniversary this year also started in World Circuit.

Made in USA

This competition could have a place in the final tournament was fat.

Followed by the Netherlands

We finished in 19th place I accidentally miss much.

KOG is the sum of the Netherlands and the World Ranking and the United States are now in sixth place!

It was good -

How did the tournament, yet was so good Cream of doing interviews.

2007 was like that.

Since 2008 are now feeling the next day slump (laughs)

"On the low"
"From the sky up"
DVD and we have to perform.

In terms of competition in 2009 is very good.

And this year we have an opening in the finals of the World Classic.

We followed a long time in Canada
Flatland Unlimited in fourth place.

Things become quite enjoyable journey.

I made good on activities such as shows and local newspapers.

10 years and reached round.

I would say now is a good thing to do BMX.

Many people also started to give up because hard competition, leaving very little I have met friends and riders started together.

I like the old days were bad or if you've just quit riding stance, and vector appropriate to each person after hearing it I think a good BMX.
(Lol how old and dull.)

But I think that my coming on board with this stance.

I met people who had not met BMX Yaranakattara, made many friends and even met his wife ties BMX soup (laughs).

"Park home and work," repeated boring life.

Look like you're repeating the same things in life BMX was born just to wave riding.

Many had for 10 years.
I enjoy a lot in the future will want to go BMX riding continues.

Posted a video to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the end.

Video footage of the first and last is the same park.
This is still running through the park took 10 years after the first human to me I might look Why do not people see progress I think it is important.

So Keep your riding!!

Original text:

いよいよ ラストです。

いや~ 本当はこんなに続くつもりじゃなかったんだけど 色々思い出あって 書いてたら長文になってしまいました。

エキスパートでは04~05は あまり良いランができず 成績もイマイチでした。


第一戦 5位
第二戦 13位(うろ覚え)
第三戦 2位




3月に行われた。Flatland Unlimited

この大会では 気になっていた Cory Ferterとも乗れたし 初の海外という事もあって楽しくて仕方ない感じだった。

神チェイスとも 乗れたし 帰り際に"Keep your riding"と言われた。





この大会では決勝に残る事ができた 大会会場は サイコーだった。


ここでは かなりミスしてしまい 19位に終わりました。

ですがKOGとアメリカとオランダとの 合計でワールドランキングは6位になりました!!


しかも今大会キッカケで Creamのインタビューを受けたりできたので 良かったです。


翌2008年からは スランプ気味になりました(笑)

"on the low"
"from the sky up"

2009年も 大会面ではあまり良くなかったです。

そして迎えた今年は 初っぱな行われた ワールドクラシックでは決勝進出。

続いて行った 久しぶりのカナダ
Flatland Unlimitedでは 4位入賞。




今思う事は BMXやって良かったなと言う事。

難しい競技だから 始めても辞めてしまう人も多い,一緒に始めた仲間や 出会ってきたライダー達も ほとんどが去ってしまいました。





同じ事を繰り返してるようだけど BMXに乗っているだけで 人生に波が生まれる。

これからも色々あるだろうけど 楽しみながら BMXに乗り続けて行きたいと思う。


最初に乗った公園に10年経って未だに通っている これは見る人からみたら進歩のない人間に見えるかもしれないけど 自分にとっては大切な事だと思います。

それでは Keep your riding!!

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