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"Three weeks, two athletes and all the skill in the world!" - Red Bull sent Viki and Matthias on a mission to South Africa. Here is a summary of the first week. Click the links to watch the videos.

Day 1 - Infiltrating Jozi 
Jozi aka Johannesburg was the first stop of the tour. Showtime!

Day 2 - Discovering the culture 
Time to check around in the streets of Jozi.

Day 3 - This is Africa 
After a session at Library Gardens in front of some star struck BMXers the guys headed into the heart of Soweto which is a district a little outside the center of Johannesburg!

Special - The Bangers 
Behind the scenes and some best trick highlights.

Day 5 - Famous in Jozi 
After a few interviews on radio and TV Matthias and Viki are now famous in Jozi. They are off to Durban, but before that they pull in a new recruit, Ray Malinga, who will join them on the rest of the tour.

Day 6 - Durban Bound 
Time to get up close and personal with nature. And pull some tricks!

Day 7 - BMX is Family
Viki, Matthias and new recruit to the tour, Ray, contemplate the BMX brotherhood.

The easiest way to stay tuned is the official Red Bull website.

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