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ーー unable to buy much lately! !
I feel that not much is made of polished woman (≦ f ≧)

Living alone is great and. Ippaiyashi to financial instability. The lonely, or too scared her ghost Yes logo. (In the room, but fortunately I have not once yet ...)

I miss the days 乗Rimawashi Chang polo shoes do buy clothes hit nearly 100,000 a month in January ... we Hairdresser

Though I would appreciate Naa Just like we messed me home ...
Na-like system that I mean not because of Setsuko.

Did not you even have to speak Serebubakku! ! No Image URL you! !

Innovation is no exaggeration to say that the more familiar earnestly looking forward to living in Tokyo while living with Ira Bombey this out or I'm not saying.

I ride a decent bike. During the week ended early days, I ride on weekends rather than shopping.

Heck I did not like so much of the circle line, and miraculously you going by train every week at various.

I've lost is Warakeru away feeling like a hole in the local woods.

Sat this week end, I went both days.
I'm looking forward to seeing it come to matching Aoi. ~ ~ I wonder if some day I ride the train saying.
Token that he and Koitaro.
Forest Hall
Next day → edamame eventually lost to the two Temashita laughs

Anymore and I rather live in Chiba. Much like what I stand.

Nde ,,,,,,

to be continue ...

Original text:

女磨きがあんまり出来てない気がする(≧ヘ≦ )












to be continue...

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