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I have Sunday school at the Komazawa, look Shiyashita Yu Chang and local assembly.

Peace and Chang'm aware nerd secretly keto ゙ now! Cha Kawai jar anyway (laughs)

Bochibochi ride, socialize with many different people

☆ 彡 The boy was also so hard

Do what it is said to have taken and spin Yuutara ー New Year mega turbines where her teacher, practice or mega spin.
Huxley that I can play with the piston.

God's voice and views of teachers Taiko ー.

The ambulance and Street riders.

Nico and his first meeting or the rumor Nikorogu manager. (So no way to look Mottaiburimasu ww)

Nico's a geek I checked whether I was riding my bike every Chari ...

I saw the first time. This system? Try-All Burandorashii called a bad thing and keto ゙ sister (I've been?), ♪ a little cool way Moe

Also today was the day's fun like that serious.

I look to them and Chang Yu Pechatte end, reality and stop by to look and Chang Yu-chang from the octopus got dark, burning eyes and takes up the figure I like working for Huxley, from Shibuya to.
I had errands to visit DECADE.

And enjoy dinner time.

Popular steady job shop in Shibuya, to the onion.
The husband and one tan and keto ゙ first day, take me, Truly delicious

Mon gull happiest when eating delicious Yappa
The stubborn set of her: The yam rice and beef tongue Mugi,,, I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ass ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I try to date now look Yu Chang Let me know where good and full

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初めて見ました。こんなステム!Try-Allっていうbad thingの姉妹ブランドらしいのやケド(だよねー?)、形かっこよくてちょっと萌え♪







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