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This is the first time in two weeks Matsudo.

Will come here to see nature.

Will come to hear the voice of Higurashi.

I mean after 14:00 I need a good tan is it under the tree.

Is not it great! !

And I definitely someone to have.

Tomoko and I rode in Matsudo stayed at my house the night before me.

Some local people and this day, ♪ Nakajima (Shinora)
Hashi Kono really friendly people, interesting.
Really do not even think you had and scary to come here! !

And if I take this post, I am too hot in front of heat stroke heat exhaustion becomes something that was dead for a while. . .
Keto ゙ I bought came out way better rider or ice Matsudo, maybe clearing up Yabakatta Are無Kattara?
Thanks lot. Gentle tears.
σ afterwards although I did ride Oh (^_^;)
Symptoms continued until the next day actually Temashita. Seriously I thought the company was going to die.

Keto ゙ I saw some investigating, and heat stroke and heat exhaustion → sodium and potassium deficiency, it seems to suffer serious and death.
What is heat stroke more than 100 people dead in Tokyo alone was ゙ keto paving in the news.

Keto ゙ of which I'm always consume mineral water for the beauty, I like sports better.
Ku seems to have put a good bit of honey and mineral salt it?

I hope you are riding too, especially for young girls and children pay attention to clearing up much! !

Are you coming to visit a little girl does look like fun girl friend, who I thought Kashiro shopping or to a cafe for example? !

This is great ... right.

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