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My last three days is I was welcomed in San fuller Yokohama.

During the day it really乗Ritakatta, bike, take me Oh take Issy I ride and it was also her Kung San and Chan Ro Ro Kung and Ayako.

I fell to the Minato Mirai and the keto ゙ Gori押Shi Chorori rain.
Finished saying the tires hissing Then step on a nail.
Or Someday I still got a half hour!

Issy and I are getting better at something!
Sa me to do keto and only take pictures of strange doing this ~

Purley fan at night. CAVE close.

Jinyo it is fine here. Do not be available to everyone in Kobe.
Jinyo and found that the body is weak.
Please Do not give him too much alcohol you drink. I get a fever.
When this exchange Isshiburogu please check.

The Nde, and provided me a fuller San Shikurettogesuto how it was Airi Mom!
Chan appeared with the daughter or the
Katta and clearing up the moment I do not know someone too Airi mother's face!
And I'd be so kind face and having children.

Tightfistedness face and you too. It is strange that the cry or Chan.

Illegitimate child revealed? !

They came after Kiku Maru Ko Kun Keto not reflected. Sorry wrong name twice Kung Masaki (^ ▽ ^;)

And drank until this 後朝.

I went with San fuller like I was of course with Chang two nights.
Oh! Miki Kwong Yokohama with mental challenges!

Gozaimashita Thank you!

Keto ゙ surprisingly far, my only time will come and Action!

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