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Yo Morota you'll have to speak ー Ali'll all! !

Mon 10 boxes, but I'll go with much omitted.

Blankets and other appliances are, how dangerous do not you just have so much clothes and accessories.
About 24? Kedo Su anything. What is overload.

Well. Two days ago Secretary of fig Yunibarokaru geek, I had you the best farewell party.

Before, the last Circle Geek pegged try.

"Come on luck," got the power from the words of the last mo3,,,

Twitter tweets a MOFO Last JINJIN Hitomi Sun & Chang.

Hitomi Chan, ♥ ♥ ♥ Short Cuts match

And then, to the stage or or etc. etc..

Overwhelming from start to finish! I like Yunibarokaru growing too! Wow ... you look and file.

Chang came to wipe busy!

ー ♪ Thank you, but early the next day and every Tsu Chi Mori

Thanks also in Macchan ー Away! Ne Kunmaji maroon long time I did!

Purasutikkutisu, lol Oh Pirisugi

Reluctantly clearing up, I wonder if I'm too happy Kedo.
Grandma did not do so out of a man.
I wonder if that thing ever drift along.

Was the best lot. Thank you.

Cha was like getting flowers.
They ass. They ass is like a flower.

Chan pond Kedo Yunibabokaru came from that day called me a future, or who do I serve the vocals.
I like the guitar and vocals and iron Yattekure Takuji chicks or vocals, bass Zhang mountains, and they can now do vocals or drums or pond Chan! !
Chang lovely vocals and keyboards Kanako.

Chang moment is seriously crying from the other day BBQ and put a hot word more than me.
Chan said so friendly Naa moment, "Die!" I.
But even the words "I love you (Mandarin)" I heard a (* '∇ `*) cache

And went away in Yunibarokaru,
Only the last few months and kept on clearing up the mountain with cho chang is 色濃Katta. Happy lot.

Local shops and look forward to seeing everyone next month in Kobe

interview with tim knoll bmxfreestyler was listedー!

Original text:





の前に、ラストCircle Geekやっときました。

















tim knollのインタビューがbmxfreestylerに載ってたー!

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