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After mounting the fork in geek, Tomoko and riding back to the universal.

Brakes became so comfortable again, ☆ 彡 Truly a good non-technical tone glide

Matageru close second lap I'm getting from the horse but I'm also turning Tomoko Pinky!

At 9:00, then joined Chang Suminodō from Mt.
What more can a girl rider, too much fun to go!

Fig nerd, Chang cleanness, I'm sorry I even came in an instant teeth 生Eta stationery, Yunibarokaru I like it.

In the way of riding, but did not think I want to take good flash Takanakatta Nde, better pick up some photos of it all.
Naa I take photos without flash even if Ah SLR.

I could not last resting place a little bit.

Oh, sorry shifted the timing of the flash (lol

I met about a year Matsu Chan. Bariaru smooth as ever ~

I also come ~ ♪ Very short hair was later Onikyu

Yui Chan arrived soon after to return to the Garuzuraida Tomoko.

Truly good rhythm, attack and even streets are flat, I would like to continue working hard from now on I feel like a famous travel blog Saki Chan! !

But,, Really Lost photos (¯ □ (¯ □ (¯ □ ¯;)!! Garn Garn Garn ... ... ...
I watch Ah Ne m m (._.;))

Later, Chang and leap over mountains in a two-foot Peguuiri corn jumped big play after failing to land, were being pulled down ass arm hit hit back hit the ground finger Suminodō Gori Gori (× m ×) gack

Sun also came at the end JIMJIM and left quote.
"On that day, I can not do statistical analysis techniques can, depending on your feelings."
Can you think that you can, if we can be sure I can, and.

Get it. 're Missing someone out.
Na I'm thinking is still statistically but before I knew it.
I was able to complete three times, that was a fluke or a week to could, or will.
U Mumu,, persuaded more positive!

Back, and sell the chocolate taste Souder 50 yen in one vending machine, I bought a mountain-chan, everyone was surprised to spot When you drink a delicious surprise.
First impressions can determine people I do not drink.

Imosono Souder and I fell into your teeth safely 生Eta chicks!

To appreciate each day.

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でも、、、写真忘れたーーーー( ̄□( ̄□( ̄□ ̄;)!!ガーンガーンガーン………

その後、コーンを2フットのペグウィリーで飛び越えようとした山チャンが、飛び越えたファインプレーの後に着地失敗し、住道のゴリゴリの地面に腰やら指やら腕やらすりおろされてた( ×m×)ギャー






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