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Yunibaraido out like crazy from the mountain and I Chang bleeding from the gums in the morning we went to a dentist.

The board had planned from noon to blind ー not universal in the air for about two hours from the recessed did notice came from one bad interview at about 13.

Chang mountain is less sunny holiday much trouble, despite riding on a good note did, I was listening to me out.
(People -) Xie Xie (- people), Xie Xie

During such a phone call to another cell.

"Mr. Desaki, Inc. became a good story Yes Yes (in that nomination)"

What? What? Matsu Hey, it was impossible because the company,,, s Really! ?

Of course I am. Finally decided on a job. I did not mention much is your blog, you're outta here with the tough job hunting, job and the way you want, work and trade relations 生Kaseru English.
However, the main reason that one of the Tenparu.

The work,,,, a Tokyo! !

He started job hunting at all agreed on in March, the Tokyo company had finally caught the country looking to expand the width.
Truly, Truly thought.
Racing was also full.

So the bike ride Janashi in Tokyo.

It's also where I thought I have to Na Setsuko away from it's parent.

I decided to talk in that they receive.

Honestly ... I feel lonely to death. I hate to leave Osaka (Bruno _-.)

Born and raised in Osaka. POLO Chang (car) I also packed all the riders are taken together and love your family or friends are.
Miyuki I can immediately do my best!

06 once / I'm 14 and I was told, joining, search for properties and getting ready to move quickly and that is negotiating to get 21 a stingy with Nde.

載Semasu also be decided.

Today I continued, then went dark around and came falling after all.
, And went to eat curry take shelter in passing, merging or even lottery.

Horie give up because of the rain never ceased to be slow motion 8b tea.
This was barely ate of mascarpone, a tasty fruit gratin also ordered a lot or not.

90% and 10% of bike-related stories Temashita sitting in a cafe talking until closing of astral projection.
I just do not worry about being late tomorrow (-"-; A mountain Chang

Oh, yes.
I found the coffee jelly FIRE Mountain Zhang.
It really killed it. Delicious too. I have one hooked.

Now you sleep in the bath. From the press afraid of Ah.

ー after the other away. Gack

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