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This is a computer-based translation of the original text:

Aftershocks are still continuing.

Earthquake their living area is small, along the coast I can not work normally on Monday for a job without any liquefaction and there.

However, with constant time operations and product shipments in poor condition due to poor distribution of materials in stock.

Ichihara northeast blackout relationship they live and work where you live is their problem belongs to a group not covered so much power failure.

The thing is that the upper limit is set TEPCO also available from the electric company, no problem range operations be carried out in constant time.

But what shall I say it in a burr-use I do not think you reach the limit.

Saving a little better because I'm goin to save power outages and major companies in a wide range ...

Has become an issue after gasoline shortages and hoarding food.

Milk + bread in the morning is a pain in one's no bread and milk ...

Gasoline is not about what I think too much into people accidentally.

Since the image was a shortage of gasoline in the fire Cosmo's certainly complex but not the fact that it seems.

I think we should not then this would also be busy as usual if you put.

After the radiation problem.

It is somewhat like that observed in the Kanto area, the body is 程度Rashii problem.

Some people like to start out from the evacuation in the Kanto region so that each person how to catch too ...

Well I was certainly worried about too much information to swallow, but you are unsure there is a feeling good.

- Absorbing
What's next problem buying a mask!

The really tough because I think people in the disaster area, the non-affected areas who would do better to try things that a normal life as possible.

Original text:

まだまだ 余震が続いています。

自分の生活エリアは地震の被害は少なく、職場も海岸沿いではありますが 液状化等も無く月曜日から 普通に仕事もしてます。

ただ、物流が悪いため 材料の入荷状況と 製品の出荷状況が悪く 定時間操業をしています。

停電関係は 自分の住む市原市北東部はグループ1に属していますが 自分の住んでいる場所と職場は 停電対象外なので さほど 問題はありません。


とはいえ、上限に達しなければ 使いまくれば良いのかと言ったら そうではないと思います。

広い範囲で停電したり大手企業も節電してるんだから 少しくらい節電すりゃ良いのに…

あとは 食料買い占めと ガソリン不足が問題になっています。

朝は牛乳+パン派である自分は 食パンと牛乳が無いのが痛い…


確かにコスモのコンビナートで火災があったので ガソリンが不足するイメージは出ますが、実際はそんな事ないらしい。

普段通りに入れていれば混雑する事もないし こんな事にならないんじゃないかな。

あとは 放射線問題。

関東圏でも 若干観測されているみたいですが、体には問題ない程度らしいです。

これも人それぞれ捉え方があるようで 関東圏からも 疎開し始める人も出たみたい…

確かに心配ではありますけど 不確かな情報を鵜呑みにし過ぎるのは 良くない気がします。



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