OG Summer Gypsy Games flatland camp & contest
Country: Hungary
Location: Ajka
Date: Monday 7th August - Sunday 13th August 2006
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Event description
This will be the 4th annual OG flatland camp and contest in a row, which now gathers flatland riders from all over the world. The Summer Gypsy Games is a very relaxed and joyful event, and despite all the major flatland contests, there will be enough space to practice for everybody. You will not have to worry if you prefer longer rolling combos, the floor is suitable for all types of riding.

The location
We chose the city of Ajka to do the event for many reasons: it is a small city so the distances are negligible, there are three good asphalt handball courts right next to one another, in a very nice environment, and the youth hostel is cca. 10 metres away from the courts. So everything is packed together for a really good event. Plus, Ajka is dirt cheap, there are supermarkets, pubs and pizzerias 150m away from the place of the event. A pizza costs 950HUF (4 euro), one beer costs 300HUF (1.25 Euro).

The schedule
There will be the flatland camp from Monday till Friday. You can ride as much as you want, make friends, hang out at night, whatever you want. Many people get so much motivation here that lasts for a long time.

The contest
There will be three classes: Expert, Master and Pro.
Registration: 500HUF (2 Euro) in each class.
The qualifiers will be held on Saturday, so everybody will have time to get used to the floor. The finals will be on Sunday, the top 8 riders will qualify from each group.

There will be no prize money, just gifts from the OG Bike Company. We did not want this event to look like a big commercial type of contest, we just do it for fun. The event is for everybody who wants to have a good time and progress.

Riders that have already attended the Gypsy Games in the past years
Simon O´Brien, Albert Retey, Sebastian Pospischil, Geraldo Kittel, Alexis Desolneux, Cristophe Dassié, Armin Batoumeni, Sebastian Grubinger, Michael Sommer, Markus Redlberger, Kurt Rubik, Stefan Dittrich, Moritz Edschmid, Adam Kun, Peter Szabolcsi, Pal Gyenes, Marton Szilagyi and many, many more.

The number of the riders showing up is increasing every year. 50 riders attended the first Gypsy Games, then 100 riders showed up in the following year, and last year more than 150 riders came from all over Europe and Hungary. This year we expect riders from Japan, Australia, Israel, the Netherlands, England, Austria, France, Germany, Slovakia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Russia.


OG Youth Hostel
We have 6-bed rooms in the youth hostel next to the courts, up to 150 beds. There is also a campsite pretty close, and a hotel is situated 300m from the place of the event.

Since the number of beds in the OG youth hostel is limited, we would like to ask everybody to make a reservation by sending us an email to info@original-gypsy.com.

Prices: the first night costs 2000HUF (8 EURO), all the additional nights cost 1500HUF (6 EURO), excluding breakfast. There are clean toilets and showers on every floor.


Motel Ujelet
Address: 8400 Ajka, Újélet u. 20.
Tel: (+36) 88 204-451, +36 (20) 942-7715
Fax: (+36) 88 200-169
Email: szat-ing@freemail.hu

Types of rooms:
-Single bed 2100 - 2700 HUF
-Double bed 3600 - 4600 HUF
-Suite 5100 - 6600 HUF

Campsite and bungalows

Városi Strand és Kemping
Address: 8400 Ajka-Városliget, Jubileumi park
Tel: (+36) 88 212-588
Fax: (+36) 88 212-186
Email: johanidesz@invitel.hu
Web: www.ajka.hu
Types of accomodation: 66 places for tents, 11 bungalows

If the weather will be fine, we organize a bus trip to the lake Balaton which is close to Ajka.
Plus, there will be an open-air flatland movie premiere on Friday night, OG karaoke party on Saturday.