Country: United Kingdom
Location: Bristol
Date: Friday 8th July - Sunday 10th July 2016
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11th May:

Please note that Athlete Applications for the 2016 IBMXFF World Championships are now open. 

All athletes (Pro and Am) must apply to compete at NASS in IBMXFF World Championship and can do so by going to

Spaces are limited so interested parties need to apply as soon as possible. If one already registered interest, this info is also emailed to them directly.


5th May:

NASS Festival & the International BMX Freestyle Federation (IBMXFF) have announced that Flatland BMX will be added to the competition line-up at the 2016 IBMXFF World Championships. 

With the IBMXFF World Championships returning to UK soil for the first time in 28 years, organisers have worked tirelessly to ensure the foundation of BMX freestyle, flatland, was represented alongside pro park, vert and dirt. The event will be held at NASS, the action sport and music festival on the 8th – 10th July, near Bristol.

A brand new specially commissioned outdoor stage will be constructed to offer the smooth, flat terrain required for the spins, balance and flow used to manipulate the bikes and perform awe-inspiring imaginative positions and moves. With this addition to the Worlds, action sport fans will have the chance to witness the best international flatland BMX’ers, such as Mattias Dandois,performing tricks and stunts that have formed the heart of freestyle BMX.

The flatland championships will be run by top UK flatland BMX pro, James White and Effraim Catlow, former flatland world champion (1994) and founder and editor of flatland BMX site, Flatmatters.

The event promises to be one of the largest global BMX freestyle events of the year with more than 450 professional and amateur athletes from over 40 countries heading to NASS to compete across the four specialities of BMX freestyle; park, vert, dirt and flatland.

Mat Hoffman, chairman of the IBMXFF and BMX legend, said:

“The IBMXFF is always ecstatic to have Flatland as part of the IBMXFF World Championships.  Flatland is the original discipline of BMX freestyle.  It has inspired our evolution and has progressed to a whole new level. We are excited to work with NASS as our host and it wouldn´t be the Worlds without flatland!”

Mark Noble, who was crowned the flatland World champion in 1988, the last time the competition was held in the UK, added:

“Having Flatland as a key part of any Worlds contest is a must as far as I’m concerned – it’s such a fundamental part of freestyle, and flatland has been included in the Worlds as long as there have been World Championships. Bringing the Worlds back to the UK, for the first time since 1988, is a massive deal for NASS – and now with Flatland in the mix, it’ll be amazing to witness the contest on UK soil again. I can’t wait to see who turns up, who nails it on the day, and who takes home the win. Bring it on!” 

As well as the BMX Worlds, top pro skateboarders will compete over the weekend for their share of a prize purse totalling over $50,000 (the largest BMX and skate prize purse in the UK). The event will feature a 14ft Vert Ramp, a pro park, dirt jumps, street spots, public courses and ramps 

Inspired by the individuality and creativity of alternative youth culture, 15,000 music & action sport fans will make their way to the Bath & West Showground for a weekend of action sports, live music and hardcore revelry. 

To get involved in the competition, athletes must register their interest early as there are limited spaces in both the professional and amateur divisions, which will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. 

American alternative hip hop group, Jurassic 5 will headline the main stage in 2016 joining headliners drum ‘n’ bass champion, Andy C, one of the fore fathers of the genre and Australian electronic dance music duo, Knife Party. Live street artists have also been invited to paint across the festival, completing that awe-inspiring banging atmosphere.