Zion Flatland Jam 2005

     Zion Flatland Jam

Thanks a lot to Mislav Streicher who found time to write this article beside working on Zion Bikes, studying at the University, working in 2 other jobs and of course riding his bike.

Zion Flatland Jam took place on a perfect flatland place in center of Zagreb. This was a first time that we competed there and it is even better then we thought, 540 square meter of perfectly smooth concrete. At the begining I have to say that we had thousand problems with organisation and that contest was almost canceled day before. Because that location is an historical place, the "Department of culture and monuments" didnīt gave us the licence for the event and we got the notice from the "City Council" that weīre not allowed to play the music at the event...Another problem was that there were 13 presidents of European countries in Zagreb that day so city center was closed for traffic and all the police from Croatia was there.

But, if you ever heard anything about Croatians, then you know that weīre anything but normal and that we really hate authorities. So, we decided to go on with the competition...

We came there early in the morning, hided the Red Bullīs Defender (we need it for electric power) and installed the DJ pult, fences and banners...and started to ride.

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It was just a small jam, only 8 of us competed, and few more were riding... But it was a lot of fun, thanks to our DJīs, Sam Bushara and McNugget. The police came few times but said nothing. Guess they couldnīt even imagine that someone would blast the music and ride bikes in the center of town without licence....So they just went away. The competition was jam style and there was no judges, we decided between ourselves who won. The resultes were like this:

1. Janko Ferencic
2. Mislav Streicher & Tomislav Ceglec
3. Ante Bekavac

Since there was guests from other countries we had only one class and we had prizes for every competitor. Thanks to our sponsors: Red Bull and Vans.

Thatīs about it, later we went out all together and drank all night
long. All of you that didnīt come missed the best happy hour in the world. For every drink that you buy, you get one more for free, so a large beer costs 0,75 Euro...Rest of the night was blury so I canīt write much about it.

There will be more jams in Zagreb in the future and everyone that wantīs to have a great time is welcome. I hope that weīll have better luck with authorities next time. Until then....

31th of October 2005 - Mislav Streicher