York Jam 2009
imageLike the t-shirt says, "I Drove 3,000 Miles To Ride My Bike In A Parking Lot" (Ok, almost 3,000.) York Jam 2009 capped off the ultimate road trip June 20th in the very new and very spacious Sovereign Bank stadium lot. Flatlanders came from across the country to share some good times and witness some serious Flat by some of the greatest riders ever to grace the sport.

As many who have made the pilgrimage to York will tell you, it´s truly a sureal experience to see places and meet legendary riders you´ve only seen in videos. Dorkin In York is a BMX institution and the sessions had that day in York totally lived up to the legend.  

The current flatland scene in North America is pretty exciting. The level of riding is imageoff the charts and the frequency of events is really picking up. I´ve seen my share this year, mos def. Contests are super exciting, but York Jam is something different. There is zero pressure, no prize money, and no judges in York. You go to York for one thing..for the love of riding. Soul Ride

York Jam is like a giant block party, where everyone just happens to be ninjas on bikes.  BMX is a bond and a brotherhood that I´m proud to be part of. York Jam is still one of the most important events in flatland.  The vibe I feel while riding in York is what flatland is all about..In my opinion. If you´ve never attended and you ride flatland: it is mandatory.  Plan now.  

Eaton, Downs, AND Kevin Jones were in attendance along with a TON of other notables and they all looked stoked that so many people showed. I even got to meet mind-blown Jones and found him to be a super cool guy. I saw him bust out a few tricks at the hidden spot and he totally still has it.  He actually wanted a copy of my DVD...Eaton and Jones both got a copy -mind blown, for sure.  Despite the crazy weather and steamy temps, epic sessions were had by all in attendance.  The photos tell the full story..and I´ve never seen so many Strowlers in one place. Totally goinig back in 2010!  Next up: Voodoo Jam

2009-06-25 - George