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After having to wrestle with my tiny dog in order to get the DVD, (note, the teeth marks in the DVD case are not mine! haha!) I was finally ready to watch and attempt to review Video Name. Although first i thought i should give some details about Dane´s videos to those who have never seen or heard about them.

Video Name is the second video produced by Dane Beardsley, the first being Flatcrap. (if u are interested in reading the review for flatcrap u can find it here on global-flat) If u have seen Flatcrap before u will already know that Dane´s videos feature a mixture of flatland and street/park riding, although there is a lot more flatland than anything else. Also you wont be seeing any competition footage or interviews as this video shows the featured riders riding at various spots.
Both of the DVDs follow a similar theme featuring many of the same riders, along with some new ones with each release. The music is also quite similar in sound, but i personaly preffered the music in Video name much more. The riders featured this time round are Brian Chapman, Jody Temple, Aaron Beneke, Leif Valin, Brian Tunney and of course Dane Beardsley.
Once u put the disc into the DVD player you are presented with a simple menu screen in which u can either choose to view the Video as a whole or the individual riders sections. On selecting ´Play All´ the videos starts with Brian Chapman´s section, and a painfull slam, Ouch!! He is doing plenty of front and backwheel links smooth, tricks like fast spinning halfhikers, blenders and a crossfooted halfpacker just to name a few..

The second rider is Jody Temple, I had seen him ride before on impaqued 2 a while back and i thought his riding then was great! So i was quite looking forward to viewing his section on Video Name. Anyway, i wasent disappointed, he does some stylish switches like opposite-side inside-turning halfpacker to karl kruiser?! And plenty of Halfpacker/Steamroller/kk variations. After Jody´s part we move onto Leif Valin´s section, here u will see many hard front and backwheel links with that slow, smooth style that Leif has!

Up next is Brian Tunney, he is doing many long rolling links with tricks like jugglers, wheelchairs/halfpackers and some crazy backwheel things, with some street riding thrown in too! Dane beardsley´s section starts off with him riding infront of some mountains! You get to see some spectacular scenery and some just as great riding! As always Dane is doing his links with such style on the front wheel and back. You will see many long rolling combos and crazy front wheel switches such as cross footed halfhiker to karl kruiser. There is also some park/street riding in his section aswell.
After Dane´s part we have Aaron Behnke´s, Aaron is doing lots of tech Backwheel links and some insane short front wheel tricks! There is also some street riding here, too! Although Aarons section is quite short all is good as after the credits there is some bonus footage. The First part is a friends type section showing a few links from riders such as, Catfish (has the most bling front wheel ever haha) the duke, gabe kadmiri, matt wilhelm, kent pearson and some others. After this we have Aaron Behnke´s section from a Video called System video. It is mainly street/park riding with a bit of flatland and a couple of nasty slams! Normally i dont usually watch street videos but i really enjoyed this section.
Then we move onto Aaron´s flatland part from the same video. This is shot in black and white and shows some more of Aaron´s crazy links, edited with some really chilled music! Next is Dane Beardsley´s Bonus part, this starts off with a really long rolling link down the middle of the street!! Then u get to see some more links and some more street/park riding too. All in all this video is great and should definatly be one to choose if u are buying a dvd anytime soon!

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17th of December 2005 - Jamie Young