Vibe 7 & 8

     Vibe 7 & 8

Vibe have been knocking out flatland dvds for a long time now, and respect is due for keeping going and giving prolonged exposure to the Canadian flat scene.
Vibe 9 should be available by now ( in Europe itīs always a bit later available than in the United States), but hereīs what you can witness if you check out 7 and 8 (Rabbit style).

Jeff D is one of the major guys behind Vibe, and so it comes as no surprise that youīll get to see a lot of what Jeff is doing on these vids. Jeff seems to have a magic head of hair as he seems to effortlessly seam from a full buzz to a full on cro-mag mop between links.. but seriously his riding as ever rocks, and I know a few people who get these dvds for his riding alone.

The other standouts for me in 7 were the inclusion of a Knightrider theme tune (aw yes), a little bit of Raphael, which is always nice, and, sorry all you new guys, the retro section on 7 years of flat contests at the Toronto Bike Show. Thereīs something about big shorts, 6 piece bars and back wheel links on platformed standards/basics. Maybe itīs Nostalgia for being in my early 20s again, or maybe itīs good to look back at an age where there was so much variety, progress and a bit less bitching (maybe because there were no internet forums...). Whatever, but Andrew Faris, Chase, Jason Brown, Dan Rigby and the rest, of course not forgetting Steve Roy were rad back then and all that riding would easily stand up in todays turbined spaghetti-framed world. Never mind my snipes, itīs just worth checking out.

Vibe 7 and 8 both expose a lot of Canadian talent. In fact the first time I watched it it was kind of like watching a videolog of half the people on pedalbmx, so itīs good to see the talent is out there and progressing - good riding from Marsan, Poirier and Cameron and more.

Vibe 8 has some excellent footage of Terry Adams and the rest of the South Rider Crew.. and I donīt think we need say any more about him. Also covered are some contests you may never have heard of, never mind been to - Alehandroīs Lord of Balance in Greece and the Roi du Quebec series get the coverage they deserve.

If I were to pick fault, I would mention the editing, itīs a bit strange. In some parts there are unnecessary effects (whiteout of the screen, watery sparkles) which make it hard to watch, and make sections unnecessarily long.. I think I like my videos clean and snappy, Baco 5 Iīd say is the perfect example. Vibe seems to maybe go for length over quality in parts, and from what they have could make a banging 25 minute video, and stick the rest of the links on as extras - some riders have longish sections of essentially similar tricks, which I think would get the fastforward button going on a second watch. Thatīs one manīs opinion, and youīre as entitled to disagree with it as much as I am entitled to have it. Anyway check them out and see what you think for yourself.

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10th of June 2006 - Chris Job