Trickstars 7
imageTrick Stars 7 has been out for about a month now, and its initial release had the forum pages buzzing. If pictures really do tell a thousand words, the cover image and CD label from Trick Stars 7 absolutely speak volumes. Never mind trying to work out whether Marcus Redlberger is traveling forwards or backwards, or how he even worked himself into that position; just admire for a moment the lighting and composition of this photo. It’s astonishing to see this level of detail on a flatland DVD and this classy theme carries all the way to the end of the production. This movie has everything, great surroundings, truly amazing riding and a good dose of infectious OG Gypsy humour, all blended into a superb selection of music from artists such as Stereo MCs, Swollen Members, DJ Shadow and Kraftwerk.

..Where were we? Oh yes, Mr Redlberger. It is so inspiring to see how much Marcus’ riding has flowed and progressed since TS6. Not only in terms of his trick box, but the way his riding style has smoothed out is really imageapparent. Its great to watch and appreciate some of his skills here, from the sublime; x-handed whiplashes to x-handed cliff to backward pedal 5 to barflip out, to the ridiculous; ½ lash to x-footed whip to pedal 5 360 to fwd pedal 5, step down to more whips to pinkys to backwards Karl cru to fwd whip to fwd pedal 5 360 to whips to out. A mini-tour of central Vienna provides a really cool ending to one of my favourite parts of the vid.

Valter Guerreiro usually brings a new level of craziness to Trick Stars and for volume 7 he does not disappoint; fwd whiplash to side cliffhanger to whip to side cliff (4 times) to pinky squeaks to hang 10 variations to more lashes to backwards pedal 5 to backwards superman hang 10 (?!) to backward pedal 5 barflip (2 times) to out…with a nonchalant rollade to polish off the combo.

The OG team riders represent fully in this DVD alongside riders including Matthias Dandois, Shane Badman, Effraim, a clutch of hardcore Hungarian riders and FISE 2006 AM winner Denes Katona. All the riders drop major bombs and a combination of crisp camera shots and tight editing seamlessly link it all together. However there is so much imagemore to TS7 than just blow you away combos and hard as hell links. You have some really nice touches like about a 1/4 hour of bonus footage including a slideshow of Andras’ stunning still photography, and footage from a Ninja Spin 2006 practise session. Pete Brant, Nathan Penonzek, Terry Adams and Chad Johnson all feature, and you know that front wheel stall that Terry often does between opposite steams and say fwd Karls? Here he extends the stall for about 20 seconds in an unreal display of balance and control, then flicks the bike straight into a hitch. It sounds innocuous enough on paper but looks extremely impressive in real time. Another nice touch is the way OG Marton has captured many of the riders in their ‘natural habitats’ and allowed the surroundings to form an integral part of the riding segments – you are whisked around the planet in a rather Diversion-esque way and the various locations and side footage add tons of depth and interest. And watch out for Pete Brandt’s riding segment, where he narrates his entire combo…whilst riding it!

Should you care to witness some of the Trick Stars live, remember that all roads lead to the Vörösmarty Mihály Gimnázium in Ajka, Hungary for the next installment of the OG Games from this Monday 23rd July. If you can’t be there, TS7 is without doubt the next best thing… A piece of advice: watch this movie during the day because you are guaranteed to want to spend time on your bike immediately after!

Trick Stars 7
Running time: over 40 mins + 14 minutes bonus footage
Director/ Editor: Marton Szilagyi

2007-07-23 - Carl Bourne