Trick Stars 6

     Trick Stars 6

Trick Stars 6 is yet another in a long, distinguished line of top quality flatland films from the house of OG. This DVD looks set to continue their tradition of releasing some of the most hardcore, pure riding movies available to the flatland community; all the positive murmurs you’ve heard about TS6 are completely true and justify all the praise it has received to date. The featured riding is at times breathtaking, remaining highly impressive throughout and the whole deal is presented with enough humour and post production finesse to qualify TS6 for the title of Best OG Video Release to Date…whether you need a potent pre-session pump or just plain and simple want to be surprised and inspired by nearly an hours worth of high-end flatland footage, Trick Stars Six fits perfectly.

One of the nicest things about the Trick Stars videos is the way you can watch the progression of its regular players through subsequent releases. Valter Guerreiro’s relaxed approach and flowing riding style are featured in a couple of TS releases and are a joy to behold in this one. Against a backdrop of typically stunning Portuguese sunshine, Valter flows, spins and glides across the screen to the dulcet tones of ‘Padabam’ by Yonderboi. Whether by accident or design the combination of song and sequence blend effortlessly, making you question sometimes if the riders themselves chose the music. How appropriate then that Valter’s final combo should draw so much attention and interest (on this very forum) - never mind how he gets into that cyborg , wait until you witness the delicacy it takes to get out of it…and he’s still only ½ way through the combo…definitely one of the highlights of the movie.

Next up to the plate is Peter Sarlos, and once again OG Marton manages to capture the essence of Peter’s riding by shooting him against some striking scenery; how about opposite foot pedal five to whiplashes to hang 5 turbines to cliffhanger turbines a couple of hundred metres from the base of the Eiffel Tower, this time to the beautiful and haunting ‘Black Gold of the Sun, by Nuyorican Soul? Flatland looks, and feels, so atmospheric and captivating when a DVD is authored this way, and can be viewed and appreciated by riders and non-riders alike, something not always feasible with flatland compilations.
The jury is still out as whether good or bad came out of slashing flatland from the X-Games roster; either way the wider television viewing public are missing out on seeing its last ever gold medalist, Simon O’Brien and the developments in his riding since 2002. Things have definitely moved on…expect to see multiple backwards halfpacker kickflips and multiple nose wheelie to boomerang to nose wheelie, more often than not within the same combo, and these are by no means the hardest links he does.

There is little point in trying to enhance with words how fine this section of the DVD is, how facile he makes his flatland appear. His outro combo in particular is killer, and given there are only a couple of bystanders in view, there are realistic odds against you having ever seen it before. If ever there was a Simon O edit you had to see at all costs, this must be it.

Elsewhere amongst the main feature and bonus material you will watch over 25 riders all edited and mixed down to some great music using OG’s highly pervasive format. Definitely one of the releases of the year so far, as we’ve come to expect from the Trick Stars series, with a sprinkling of sharp humour thrown in for good measure. Congratulations to the OG crew and all the TS6 performers on another thundering flatland release – over 15 years in the flat game and it shows…


Adam Kun, Peter Sarlos, Valter Guerreiro, Simon O’Brien, Shane Badman, Peter Szabolcsi, Laszlo Tivadar, Pal Varga, David Nagy, Laszlo Elek, Markus Redlberger, Alexis Desolneux, Sebastian Grubinger, Christophe Dassie, Armin Batoumeni, Michael Sommer, Jesse Puente, Viki Gomez, Terry Adams, Pete Brandt, Lee Musselwhite, Travis Collier, Pedro Melo, Ulrich Kittel, Pal Gyenes, Rob Alton, Zoltan Barta, Andras Pentek, Marton Szilagyi and many more…


The intro of Trick Stars 6 is available for download on . Some people had problems watching it because itīs MP4 format. So we reformated it to Quicktime.

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25th of February 2006 - Carl Bourne