Trevlon Hall BMX Freestyle Flatground

imageGreetings to all,

It´s a new day in flatland´s history. I am happy to announce that the launch of the 1st Government Approved Bmx Flatland Park in World History was a great success here in Trinidad & Tobago. Sorry I did not drop the good news a bit earlier, but I was very tired from organizing everything. I finally had a few days of good sleep and I am back in my mind as I write this small article. I love writing long articles, but my time is limited and I will be brief.

For those of you who were not following what Trevlon Hall was doing in the backbone of the flatland scene. Here is a brief re-freshener...I got tired of borrowing spots and putting up with disrespect and distractions over the years practicing a sport I love. I wanted to make a difference not only for myself but for others and the future of our sport. Many flatlanders throughout the world have been victims of parking lot sessions, basketball court sessions, and tennis court sessions to say the least. Some can afford personal spots and some even enjoy the luxury of hospitable natural infrastructure.

But what about the less fortunate masses? The direspected, disregarded, disadvantaged, disdained, and the constantly distracted to say the least. What happens when your in the middle of a sweet combo and a vehicle is heading your way at the parking lot? What happens when your favorite tennis court is repleted with players or a couple wants to have a friendly match using their court? What happens when basketball players invade your sessions to initiate their daily sweat?

imageNow the list can go on, but you get the point.....Trevlon Hall became weary of borrowing spots which were not created for flatland and got organized to benefit the masses. I wrote a 21 page Bmx Freestyle constitution... constituted a board... pioneered an association and approached my government to recognize Flatland just like other mainstream sports.

This approach did not come without enormous setbacks, but Trevlon Hall is very focused and knows that great things don´t come without planning, sacrifice and years of consistent commitment. I am happy to say that the flatlanders of Trinidad & Tobago now have a legally sanctioned spot that identifies with flatland.

Our government is learning more about flatland and is catering to its development because of Trevlon Hall, his vision, positivity and undying commitment to say the least. Disrespect, distraction, ignorance and the other uglies will become a thing of the past. Flatland will be recognized just like other sports in Trinidad & Tobago. Our 1st Flatland Park is the begining of many more to come. A place flatlanders can practice without having to worry about getting kicked out or giving up the spot to others. A place where parents will bring their kids to learn and experience. A place that will encourage the business community to support as they see growth and infrastructural development. A place that will host events, inspire many and boost our industry to say the least.

imageJesse Puente and Alain Massabova came all the way to Trinidad & Tobago to be a part of the historic launch ceremony and had nothing short of a good time. Ask them about a day in the life of Trevlon Hall. I thank them both for having faith in me and tolerating my extremely focused lifestyle. They attending many Government & Corporate Meetings with me whiles in Trinidad and were more than willing to be apart of many media interviews. It´s hard to relax when your around Trevlon Hall and I Genuinely thank them for toleratlng me and supporting flatland with such faith, heart & commitment.

Just for the history, Make sure to grab a copy of the next issue of Cream International Bmx Lifestyle magazine #35. Every flatlander on the Planet should get a copy of the soon to release issue#35. Cream demonsstrates tremendous love for flatland lke no other by paying attention to matters of stupendous signifcance to the future of flatland and its proliferation. If you haven´t read my interview in cream´s issue #34.....Please get a copy fast and read, read, read.

imageHere is a link to one of the local media networks in Trinidad & Tobago that covered the launch.The launch got love and full coverage in National Headline News and our National Newspapers to say the least. Our Prime Minister´s office even replied to a letter I sent to Honorable Prime Minister of Trinidad & Tobago with regard to Flatland and our historic launch. His office contacted me with positive remarks and re-iterated that the Government of Trinidad & Tobago will continue to support Bmx Flatland. I love flatland tremendously and I will continue to act and materialise where it matters most to me - infrastructure.

In closing, I say a massive thank u to all the sponsors that made our historic launch a success, (Trinidad & Tobago´s local Government body - The Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporaton, Trinidad and Tobago´s Ministry of Sport & Youth Affairs, Trinidad & Tobago´s Ministry of Tourism, The Tourism Development Company of Trinidad & Tobago, Redbull Trinidad & Tobago, Trinidad & Tobago´s Most Hospitable and Largest Bookseller - Nigel R Khan Booksellers, CREAM, INNERTWINE Clothing Company, and KHE BIKES.

Many thanks to you martin for bringing us together at global-flat and broadcasting our wonderful sport to the world with such detail and genuine love. More content on the launch will be availble soon....Peace, Respect and Blessings to everyone.

Trevlon Hall



2009-08-04 - Trevlon Hall