Ticos Jam 3

     Ticos Jam 3

A few flatland events take place in Costa Rica, and even fewer or none as good as the Ticos Jam. Ticos Jam was born with the idea of helping and motivating all the riders to take flatland a step further in their lives.
This wonderful event emerged when Michael Meza and Manuel Prado were asking themselves about how they could really help to promote flatland in Costa Rica. As a result, the first Ticos Jam took place in the year 2004, and it was a total success. Basically almost all the flatlanders in Costa Rica got together in the same place in order to have a great time with their bikes. The next year (2005) the event was even better. There was a small modification in the format of the jam; the Best Trick Contest was introduced. Luis Calvo pulled a hard front wheel combo that took him to the first place.

This year (2006) we had special guests who caught the attention of the local riders; all eyes were on them because they have helped to keep flatland alive through their trajectories in both riding and selling good bike parts: Patrick Schoolen from Flatlandfuel.com, who believe me is a great guy; Scott Powell, who is the owner of Chenga skatepark in Ohio, United States; Bobby Carter, the guy behind Diversion Video Magazine; Manuel Prado, one of the organizers of the event.

When I arrived in San José at 8:00 or so in the morning, I took a very long walk with some riders from that province, and when we finally got to the venue everybody had already started riding. It was interesting to see how much motivation the riders had, and how much they had progressed through the last two years. Once again, riders from all over the country showed up. We also had guests from Panama, who showed that their level has been growing since in Panama flatland is almost unknown. I was also surprised with the amount of sponsors we had compared to the first year: Red Bull, Etnies, Flatlandfuel, Odyssey, Diversion Video Magazine, Haro Bicycles, and Super Pro bicycles; they really helped to make this jam come true.
After one-hour practice, Manuel called all the people who wanted to participate by showing their skills in a two-minute run. A total of thirty-seven riders paid the entry fee, and then signed the poster of the event, which eventually became part of the prize for the winner of the Best Trick Contest. During the second part of the jam, Scott Powell pulled an upsidedown decade, which I must say it was crazy! He also pulled several pinky squeaks to megaspin to brakeless decade. On the other hand, Bobby Carter performed tricks like his crazy cross-footed no handed hitchhiker. Manuel was very consistent in his runs; almost all his combos were perfectly executed. Luis Calvo was working hard on his pedalling deathtruck and front wheel combos.Luis Méndez from San Ramón pulled with some difficulty long combos combining hitchhiker to steamroller turbine to maccircle to hitchhiker turbine. Harry Sánchez performed his consistent stylish combos as usual. Alonso Rodríguez was really mad because of the conditions of the ground. It was very flat and smooth, but it was very slippery so he could not pull his no-handed timemachine.

The third part of the jam consisted of the Best Trick Contest. Out of the thirty-seven riders, only fifteen wanted to participate in this mini-contest. They had three opportunities to do what they wanted to do. In short, Randall Sánchez from Heredia won the contest with two tricks: double decade and backward decade. During the last part of the event there were raffles among the riders who paid the entry fee. Really excellent prizes were given to all the riders by the sponsors, including t-shits with the Ticos Jam logo donated by Patrick Schoolen from Flatlandfuel, Etnies products, lots of DVD’s donated by Bobby Carter, lots of bike parts, etc.


Honestly, Ticos Jam 3 was awesome! We will have this event every year around February, and we wish we could have as many riders as possible. If you want to visit us next year be sure to contact us at the following e-mails:

Luis Elías: eliasbiker@hotmail.com
Manuel Prado: manuel_bmx@yahoo.com
Michael Meza: mikebmx_cr@hotmail.com

Photos are available here: Ticos Jam 3.

27th of February 2006 - Luis Elías