Reaching Young People Through Flatland

Reaching Young People Through Flatland by Chris Ridener

imageI have been blessed to have great support in Flatland Bmx. Because of some great companies and support from many on Global-Flat.Com I have had the opportunity to travel all summer and work with many young people while introducing them to Flatland. Many Global-Flat readers helped out at the beginning of the year by donating some funds to Flatmonkey Bmx. I wanted all the readers who donated to know where their money went to. Thanks to those riders and companies like Fringe Clothing, GoPro Cameras, Airspeed Shoes, 1in3 Trinity Energy Drink, Hitman Bikes, and 1in3 Trinity Energy Drink I have had the opportunity to visit Indiana, Oklohoma, Texas, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Tennessee this year. I have been able to reach out to many young men and women. Along the way we even got some vert and street riders interested in Flatland. We also have no plans of stopping.

One of the coolest trips I went on this year was to Lake Owen Camp Woodward Bmx.  I got the opportunity to instruct flatland help life guard the ramp areas and meet the one and only Chad Degroot who is on of my childhood Flatland hereos.  Chad mostly rides a lot of ramp now but, we talked him into doing a small flatland session for us and I have to say he is still an unbelievable rider.  Through community outreach and Bmx awareness many young imagepeople began asking a lot of questions about Flatland.   This gave me the opportunity to discuss Global-Flat and videos like Matt Wilhelm´s Ground Rules. We got some riders so excited especially at Camp that some of the riders through a few flatland tricks in their contest runs at camp. Through my travels so far I have met a lot of great people and been able to introduce Flatland Bmx to many people young and old who would have never know about it. 

I made a lot of new contacts, fans, and great friends the way Flatland should be. This summer has been about having a total good time on my bike and getting to do what I love perform in shows and learn new links and tricks.  I will be relocating to South Dakota in February and I have already started booking shows in that area.  I just want to thank all those on here that have supported what I do in terms of reaching the children. Your funding has helped raise $50,000 for the march of dimes, buy school supplies for a small community in Oklahoma, and send a group of young people to camp. This is not because of me but, those of you who made donations and my sponsors.  I want to send a big thanks to all of you for helping these young people and showing the positive brother and sisterhood of Flatland.


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2008-09-17 - Chris Ridener