Quamen G-6 (Updated)

     Quamen G-6 ( Updated )

The Generation-6 Quamen flatland frames are here. At this time, six colors are available: yellow, gray, red, silver, blue, and purple. The G-6 is made with a more traditional design to remove unnecessary tubing while keeping the weight to strength ratio equal. With a simple design yet strong triangle structures, the frame weighs at 4.8 pounds. A “pro light” version weighing at 4.5 pounds is also available, but limited; the down tube uses thinner tubing. Similar to the Quamen Delta, the frame features a super low top tube for incredible clearance; the seat post tube is only 7.5 inches. The down tube has a tubular gusset which is less prone to cracking. Brake mounts are oversized to greatly reduce the flex on the rear end caused by braking. Cable guides are small as possible to reduce weight and interference. An option of no brake mounts and cable guides is also available. All the frames have European bottom brackets that have been properly rethreaded for easy cup installation; head tubes are also refurbished. To remove excess weight, the dropouts are 14mm which was meant to use with axle converters such as the Camacura adapter/tensioner. The chain and seat stays are tapered even further than previous Quamens. The G-6 is made with a perfect top tube length at 18.8 inches which is suitable for mostly everyone; a 19.1 top tube is also available in a limited amount. For the first time with a single flatland frame, there is now three options for the frame’s head tube angle.

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The G-6 is available in three head angle options, 76.5, 75, and 73.5 degrees. The traditional Quamen head angle is 76.5 which offers a quicker response on the front wheel, but it would slightly reduce the control and comfort on some tricks offered a tad better with a slower response head angle like the 73.5 or the not as mellow 75 degree. The normal 75 degree head tube angle is available to those who are familiar with it from other flatland frames.

The Quamen G-6 head angle, top tube length, color, weight option, and brake mount option vary at different bike shops. Shops like Dig-It Japan and Flatlandfuel have different G6 frame styles, and same goes to other bike shops around the world. Dig-It tried to match different bike shop expectations by making customs frames suitable to their rider’s demands. Since the G6 frames have many available options, it will be impossible to please everyone with availability, so a next production of the G6 frames will start soon. Contact your Quamen retailer for frame availability and options

Quamen frames are American made using some of the finest materials available. The frames are made with 4130 chromoly alloy steel. Dropouts are laser cut and heat treated. Quamen use military specified materials that are beyond grade-A, so its ready for abuse from the hardcore flatlander. Feel like a pro and ride a G-6 custom frame suitable to you and your preferences. Show your support and buy Quamen!

19th of February 2005 - Anthony Lim