Phil Iverson

     Interview with Vegas Hoops owner Phil Iverson

After he heard that the Vegas Hoops rims are not going to be sold any longer on, Mark Carlisi decided to interview Phil Iverson ( owner of Vegas Hoops ) to ask some questions about his rims and the problems with
Well first, tell us a little bit about yourself...

Well a little about me, I am a local rider bike shop owner who got tired of the corporate running things, like only these colors and these prices are set and other things. I have been riding bikes pretty much my whole life. I am 41 years old I have just finished up in Kentucky where I placed 4th in the 40-44 cruzer and #1 in 35 over novice.

When did you start making these rims?

I started making rims about 2 years ago when I became frustrated with the way things had become.


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About how much does each rim weigh?

Weight on the rims are as follows:
With powdercoat
20x1.75 are 540 grams
20x1.375 are 440 grams

And there are many different things to come. We have learned that weight has become a great issue, where in the past it was strength. Well really we have learned alot or I, that it isnīt as easy as i thought to start a good idea because many people out there are always gunning to put you out. Haha, itīs a jungle out here!!!

What can we expect to pay for these rims?

For the price, itīs pretty simple, black anodize is $46.99 and any powder color is $56.99

Where are they available for purchase?

They are carried by places such as Revolution Bikes and Extreme Bikes which are just mail order as well and they are now in Japan and in the UK and Jason Richardson just called and said they were a smash in Switzerland!! way cool...

Do you make any other parts?

I donīt make or offer any other parts! I have learned my lesson!

Also, we have gotten information that flatlandfuel has decided to no longer carry your rim, any information on that ?

We are truely sorry to see them leave but they have to be held accountable for themselves, they were shipped product and it was damaged (one rim). So he the owner had called me and informed me of the damage he then stated that he needed a tracking number. Well I informed him that he had the tracking number in his package ....... he informed me that his people through it away? Well i said i would try to find it.. I have to admit I am a new company and not the best or as organized as i would have like to have been....So I informed him I couldnīt find it and he would have to pursue ups on his own....then i started receiving emails that if i didnīt send him the tracking number he was going to cancel his credit card and wait for a call tag ? And then he emails me saying that he was tired from a long night of work and that it was my fault for him losing the tracking number. Well so anyway things have NOT turned out the way I would have liked and i have not ruled them out, I hope they realize we are a young company and they should as well as myself keep better records unfortunate but not over... and please understand this crap with flatlandfuel is a bummer, but we do the best we can.

16th of December 2004 - Mark Carlisi / Phil Iverson