Party in the Falls
imageFlatmonkey Bmx is dedicated to the arts and entertainment of our youth in each community that we enter. One part of our dedication is to help raise money for young people and introduce communities to the art of Flatland. Living in Wichita Falls Texas I had finished the year with my last show near Olney, TX but, was then given a great opportunity to help the local community one more time as we brought in the new year. As the final hours of 2008 left us and we entered 2009 I had the priveledge of meeting and hanging out with two young acts that outreach to our youth. Mission 6 and the Rubyz are two acts that perform hip hop and Christian Rock. They have both found great stardom and been featured on the likes of Radio Disney.  After hanging with the groups and watching them perform I had my own show to perform at the MPEC center. I was given the space of a small stage in a large forum and I must say as challenging as the performance was I was able to help to help bring in the new year in a positive way to many local youth. The kids were really stoked. imageThe MPEC hosted a mgician show and many other acts that included different types of music. But, as the local newspaper and KFDX Channel 3 stated the 17 minute Flatland performance was the highlight for the local kids. We met a lot of cool people in an atmosphere that allowed people to bring in the new year in a positive way. People were amazed at the variety of entertainment for all ages and being able to add Flatland was the best feeling ever. In 2008 I had set a goal to be able to perform for a large group of children on New Years Eve and was able to accomplish this task while helping MSU raise money for the local arts for young people. I have added a few pictures of the night including hanging with Mission 6 and the local Hockey Team mascot. Things imagewent so well at the end of the night I was riding outside for a few people who has missed the Flatland show. This also opened the door for working with M6 in the near future and helping promote Flatland in some different forums with the band. Airspeed Shoes was also a great supported sending products to give away to the youth and help promote Flatland Bmx. Airspeed shoes and I will be doing more together in 2009 to help the Flatland communtity so watch for more news. I appreciate all the support I received from Global-Flat and the Flatland communtiy in 2008 and look forward to meeting more of you and riding with you in 2009.   I will be heading to Rapid City South Dakota in February 2009 so if any of you are out my way please give a shout and you are more than welcome to visit.

2009-01-05 - Chris Ridener