Old School Reunion
imageThe roots of Flatland run deep and this last weekend was a reminder of just how solid our foundation is. Flatland was born from BMX racing, fact. Some riders were practicing ground moves on their bikes while waiting for the next moto and others that didn’t have access to tracks were hopping and balancing on the street corners. Some just didn’t care to go fast, style and self-expression were more important.
In the beginning there wasn’t freestyle specific bikes, just race designed bikes. Eventually they progressed and years later riding became much more technical and riders began to specialize in certain disciplines. Flatland is one of those branches and while some don’t believe that it’s BMX, others will agree it is.
The OS-BMX Reunion and Bike Show was a day packed full of all types of riding and hundreds of amazing bikes from past to present. If you’re interested in where we came from you’ll enjoy checking out the links to some photos of the show.
Much love to Steve Brothers, Ron Plumlee, Alvin Mullins and Dan Hubbard for not forgetting about our passion, Flatland BMX.
-Chad Johnston (inTRIKat)

imageThanks to the photographers that uploaded these pics online.

Check out the upcoming issue of Cream magazine for more words and photos of the event.

Here’s some words from the event organizer, Steve Brothers:

 “Yesterday’s event at Peck Park was amazing. It is my understanding, if all the feedback I’ve been getting the past 24 hours is to be believed, that by attending the event yesterday, you all played a part in creating the largest, most spectacular Old School BMX event ever. People thank me constantly, but the truth is… what makes events like yesterday’s so special is the people who attend, so it is in fact me that owes each of you all the thanks. I really can’t express my gratitude. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

I believe yesterday could justifiably be referred to as a peak event in BMX history. Seriously. I’m not shittin’ you. There were so many bmx homies, so many truly jaw dropping bikes, so imagemany stars of BMX freestyle, so many legends of racing, so many ground breakers from the industry and sanctioning side of BMX history… it was in short INCREDIBLE. Really.

Of course I’d like to single a bunch of people out for special recognition:

First of all, I want to thank the entire OS-BMX moderating posse for coming out. I feel like I know all these guys so well, but the fact is that this was the first time I’d met a couple of these guys face to face. At times like this past weekend, when I am fortunate enough to get together with these guys in person for a sit down, it only confirms to me that I’ve managed to get a group of truly first class individuals on board to help me run this site. I’m fortunate as hell and I know it. 

So thank you Kerry, Jake, Tom, Brian P, and Brett. You guys changed my life this year, I was actually able to enjoy a bit and talk to the people I needed to talk to and all that. Much obliged.

I want to thank Dan Goins and Brian Britt for all their help this weekend too. You guys put in work and again… I’m so glad I asked you guys for assistance because you were a major part of the event. Thanks so much. Always great to see Dan, and it was very cool to meet Brian imageBritt in person for the first time. Felt like kicking it with old friends.

Matt Hanemann and your lady… more first class peeps. You guys rule. Matt did the artwork for the show. Shirts sold out before 10am. A testament to the massive appeal of Matt’s artwork for the event. The fliers and posters were in great demand… every thing was gone before the sun was even above the height of the mountains pretty much. Infinite gratitude from my side, Matt.

Ron Plumlee… major thanks for the decals. Wow. So good. The event decal featuring Matt’s flier artwork as well as the number plate name tag design. Again… wicked popular. People freaking loved those. Thanks for all your assistance with the flatland component of the show as well! Much appreciated. Shout out to Hizz pickles & Bike Muff too!

Steve Blackey – you are the freaking man! The bike show trophies were absolutely bonkers. So incredible… I can’t thank you enough for dialing those in so perfectly.

Sean Ewing – thank you for your kind assistance on those awards and everything else you do. I can always count on Sean. Rock solid dude.

Greyboy – Grey does so much for the show and the site in general. He keeps it on the absolute DL too… I know how you roll, so I won’t belabor the point, but I appreciate it so much and just thanks for helping take the bumps out of my path so shit goes smoothly.

Truly Odd – Thanks my man. I’m lucky youŽre on the team, and I appreciate the support.

Huge, HUGE gratitude to the LEGENDS OF FREESTYLE. I’m just stunned and humbled that you guys are willing to put in such hard work on our little BMX party. You guys are so absolutely down to earth and a joy to be around, I am pretty sure it doesnŽt really sink in to you guys how important your mere presence is at our events. The fact that not only do you attend… but absolutely RAGE and shred the ramps into splinters for our entertainment just pushes the whole deal over the top.

So thank you Todd Anderson, Martin Aparijo, Brian Blyther, Robert Castillo, Mike Dominguez, Eddie Fiola, Chad Harington, Woody Itson, Matt Hoffman image(after party only due to late flight, but great to connect, Matt), Chad Johnston, Tony Murray, John Povah, Lee Reynolds, Andy Shohara, Steve Swope, Dave Voelker, Xavier, Simon Tabron… 

Man, I don’t like to do lists like that, because it never fails that I overlook somebody, but please don’t take it as a snub… it’s just me being blown out from such an amazing day. CanŽt even express how grateful and honored I am to you fellas for all you do for the show and site in general. I missed much of the legends show due to handling event stuff but I really enjoyed hanging out and appreciate so much everything that you guys do.
Now, last but not at all least - the two guys without whom I could simply not pull off this event – Dan Hubbard and Alvin Mullins. When I’m over in Nepal sitting in the dark with no electricity, I can stop stressing because I know that my two main men have shit handled. Whatever I write here would not BEGIN to explain the debt of gratitude I owe these guys. Dan hosting the show and Alvin with the constant behind the scenes dialing and absolutely UNMATCHED hospitality literally make not only the event, but the whole weekend. Alvin is known as the “ambassador of Old School BMX”  for good reason. To see him in action is an amazing thing. Ask anybody. Alvin, you are in short my most valued ally. Thank you.

So thanks to all of you mentioned, and everyone I over looked, and in fact each and every individual who attended. You were all very much an ESSENTIAL piece of the Old School BMX Reunion & Show puzzle in 2009.

Just a last little shout out to all the event sponsors. Thank you to Vans! Your support was just amazing. Mr. Van Doren himself came out to the show and personally delivered a grip of Vans loot. Thank you, Sir!

Thanks as always to our long time ally SE Racing!

Thanks to Rick & Patti and Rick’s Bike Shop
Thanks to the guys at Animal BMX.
Thanks to RSAbout

Thanks to Toby Henderson and THE, Intense, Vigor, Sinz, etc.
Thanks so much to Mike and Joffrey’s coffee! Mike, you and Joffrey’s got me through the week and helped make sure I had everything covered!
And thanks also to the guys from Odyssey for coming out and their support.

Special last mention – Thanks Rick and Patti for making it. Rick had to go to the hospital Friday night, and pulled the IV’s and wires off of himself and dashed out of the hospital on Saturday afternoon to make the show. HARDCORE!

I have one more BIG THANK YOU to a bunch of you to dole out. You know what IŽm talking about. IŽll be back for that in a separate thread after lunch.”
-Steve Brothers

2009-06-15 - Chad Johnston