OG Flat Jam 3

     OG Flat Jam 3

Peter Sarlos from Hungary sent us this article about the OG Flat Jam 3 ( which was a contest, but they called it "Jam" )
. The pictures were taken from bmxmag.hu - Thanks a lot.

The day came and I set off to Sátoraljaulhely. Its quite far from me, 10-12 hours by train, but luckily I got a hook from OG Marton and Andrew from Budapest. We arrived on friday, and we found lots of riders already there, doing their stuff. We got a good night sleep, so next morning we were ready to go.

The event took place in a huge sports hall. The floor was covered with plastic lines, which were a little bit slippery but still very cool. The contest started at noon, but some people were there at 8īo clock. The expert class didnīt have many riders compared to other hungarian comps with 30-50 experts. Gabor Talpai took first place with nice backwheel spinning tricks like nohanded timemachines and pedaling megaspins. Master class had a lot of competitors. The new generation of flatlanders are just about to reach somekind of pro level. Denes Katona got first. You better look out for that guy. He has been riding for about 2,5 years and heīs doing tricks like multiple x-foot jugglers and nohanded deathtrucks in a competition run!! After the master class went down the pros came.

Source: bmxmag.hu

Adam Kun had a small car accident the day before, so it wasnīt sure that he would compete. However, he did. He messed up his run, but did super smooth links with tons of flow. He did a full bodyvarial out of a spinning cliffhanger and a full barspin to halpacker from hang-5. He finished up with 4th place but everyone was shocked. Pal Gyenes got third. Heīs well known for his backwheel destroying style.

I managed to get 2nd. I wasnīt satisfied with my run, but after having studied very hard the last few months I was happy i could even ride. And the winner was: Peter Szabolcsi. Always clear and smooth, and always there with bomb tricks. The best trick comp was cool, too. Adam was very close to pulling a good link, but failed. So I just did my link and won. After the contest there were two filmpremieres. Tomīz video "Solo" is a film about hungarian flatlanders and Michael Sommer. It was fun watching it, it turned out to be really dope. Tom said he wanted to make it available abroad. The second one was a shorter funny film made by Gabor Pasztor (the organiser of the jam).
Video by Tomīz video (bmx.nemtom.com), pics by bmxmag.hu.

1. Peter Szabolcsi
2. Peter Sarlos
3. Pal Gyenes
1. Denes Katona
2. Gyorgy Krautsieder
3. David Czink
1. Gabor Talpai
2. Tibor Estok
3. Sandor Tatray
Best trick: Peter Sarlos

Source: bmxmag.hu

3rd of December 2004 - Peter Sarlos