November 2010: Gergely Szajer from Hungary

imageName: Gergely Szajer
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Location: Gyõr, Hungary

When did you start riding? What brought you into flatland?

I started riding in 2002 June. In primary school all of my friends were into skateboarding, and read the Hungarian monthly extreme sport magazine called Offline. That was around 2000. I remember the first time I saw flat pics in it, and could not imagine how could those tricks to work. Once, we went to Budapest with my dad and asked him to take me to Heroes square (it’s still a famous flat spot in Hungary, however the floor is now very damaged) to see flatlanders. I saw Pal Gyenes doing a double decade and some classic stuff. I fell in love with flatland at first sight that day.

How often do you ride? Do you have a schedule for practice, or you do what you want?

I try to practice everyday but sometimes I´m so tired from school so I ride 5 or 6 days a week. I always start with easy moves to warm up then I turn to pull my newest tricks.

Do you ride contests? If yes: your biggest success and your biggest and best experience?

I like the experience I get from contests. My biggest success was my 1st place in pro at Trnava flat contest in Slovakia 2007. The judges couldn’t decide between Martin Drazil and me who was going to win, so we had to do a battle, in which I won. I still cannot believe I made it!

imageWhere do you ride?

There are quite a few spots in my town but sometimes I need to leave the place simply because small kids or skateboarders are not giving me enough space. I hate arguing with these people, takes off too much energy! Fortunately there is a car park with lights in Gyõr, so rainy or snowy days won’t give me headache anymore!

Can you tell us a bit about the riding scene in your town?

Well, it was pretty healthy and there were about 6 riders practicing everyday. Nowadays the scene is kinda lost, Gyõr got only 3 flatlanders. Big shame!

Tell us something about the Hungarian flatland scene, what is you opinion about it?

Hungary has got more talent than you think! Obviously, I got negative opinions about a few things (sponsorship, contests, some stupid riders) but I don’t wanna tell on them. A lot of riders coming here are from abroad to compete or ride so I think that describes the scene. Plenty of riders have got to a super high level, which is satisfying to witness.

Is there a goal you would like to reach concerning your riding? I wanna learn original tricks as many as I can, plus I would be sooo happy if I could ride my fckn bike again for living!

Do you like travelling? Which places did you already visit and which do you want in the future? Travelling is a must for me. Each trip refreshes my mind! I visited England, Slovakia, the Czech rep. and Egypt with my bike. I would like to ride in Spain, Italy or somewhere in Latin America. image
How about Egypt? How was it, what have you been doing there? My mate, Shane Badman had been doing shows in Egypt, Hurghada. He decided to move and get a job in Sweden, so just asked me if I was interested to replace him. I found it rad went there and was doing shows for 4 months in a marina for a big company. Egypt is awesome; I really miss my days over there! Different culture, people really respect flatland and super friendly!

Do you have any sponsors? How can you manage yourself? I don’t have any sponsors; I just get some discount in a few bike shops.

What do you think about nowadays riding? I like it, harder and harder tricks coming up each year motivating other riders. Internet spread the news from Colombia to Japan and I don’t really find it’s bad. Some say there are a lot of people out there doing same tricks in the same style. I think everyone can find out original tricks. Just use your mind! I like the new gay look of riders, tight girlish pants and hair. LOL!

What influences you in your riding? Mostly sunshine, a good event or if I feel I’m able to pull my new trick on the given day.

What do you think about the nowadays people around you? Rubbish! However I really enjoy being with my close friends, there are a lot of people piss me off. It’s hard to get really close to me. I say that some words missing out of most people lives: respect, morals, love.

imageWhat kind of music do you like? What is your main opinion about music? Mostly hip-hop but I also like dub step, dancehall, reggaeton, and Latin or Arabian music. My favs are: Jedi Mind Tricks, Foreign Beggars, Snowgoons, and Lords of the Underground.

Tell us 3 things you like and 3 things you don’t like in people. I like respectful, reliable and honest people. I don’t like lies, material way of thinking and greed.

Do you have any advice for people? Try to find the Truth and it comes to your door after hard work. Keep your education, show respect and avoid prejudice!

What is your job / what do you study? I’m studying tourism management in my hometown and I got 2 years left. In summer break I do random street shows with my boom blaster at Lake Balaton. I enjoy entertaining people with flat tricks plus it’s a wicked way to get some spare money.

Bike check:

imageFrame: OG kunfu, 19.25” TT
Fork: OG Vajda 2
Handlebar: OG Caramel 2
Pegs: Suelo 45mm
Stem: Suelo
Crank: 3pc KHE hindenburg with 152mm length
Freecoaster: Nankai with Profile shell and london titanium axle
Sprocket: Profile 23 teeth
Seatpost: Odyssey Intac
Seat: KHE Watanabe
Pedal: Wellgo plastic
Front hub: WTP Pi2, 10mm axle
Rims: Salt single wall
Tires: Odyssey frequency 1.75
Chain: Izumi
Grip: Odyssey dual
Bar endcups: Dragonfly
Chain tensioner: No name
Headset: WTP
BB set: Salt spanish

Weight: around 10 kilograms

Last words:
Thanks: Mum, God, my family and my girlfriend. Say hello to my little friends in London, Hurghada, the Czech rep. Thanks Trev Lacey for helping out with words. Tell the world, flatland is alive! Video link:

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