November 06: Cristiana Neves (USA)

imageWho are you ?

Name: Cristiana Neves
Age: 25
Sex: Female
Location: Saginaw, Michigan

When have you started riding ?

I started probably 5 or 6 years ago riding ramps, then I hurt my wrists and started riding flatland instead.

How often do you ride ?

I try to ride everyday, even if it’s just for 1 hour, but some days I work the whole day, and I’m too tired to practice, but I pretty much ride every day.

Do you ride contests? What was your biggest success ?

Yes. I recently got 1st place at a contest in Texas (Texas Flatland Round Up).


Cristiana's Spots

In the summer, I ride at a Church parking lot, and in the winter I ride in a 3 car garage.


Can you tell us a bit about the riding scene in your town?

Well, there isn’t a very big scene in my town, but I found out that there’s another guy that also rides, so that would be 3 people total, including myself.

imageImagine you could make a flatland world tour, which 5 places would you like to visit for riding and why?

1. Japan. I’ve always wanted to go to Japan, not only because the culture always fascinated me, but because it has the best riders in the world, and there’s also a lot of girls riding.
2. Australia (Beautiful country)
3. Indonesia and Timor
4. Brazil (I have family there, and I would love to go see the Amazon and the rain forest, and also the Carnival in Rio de m. Janeiro)
5. Portugal, because that’s where I’m from

Which trick/combo do you work on at the moment?

Right now I’m learning turbine karlcruisers.

Is there a goal you would like to reach concerning your riding?

My goal right now is to keep practicing, and try to get dialled so that I can compete in more contests, and maybe one day get a couple of sponsors.

How has your riding changed since you moved to the USA? Does Justin influence your riding? Do you often practice together?

Well, my riding changed a bit, because riding with Justin motivates me to get dialled. I try to do my links over and over till I do them without touching, so yeah, I got that from him, but I guess if you want to do good in a contest that’s how you have to do it. We practice together most of the time, and he gives me tips, but cuz I’m stubborn, or it might be because I’m a girl, I rarely listen lol.

General Questions

imageWhat kind of music do you like? Tell us your 3 favourite songs.

Well, I listen to everything pretty much. From latin, to emo. My 3 favourite songs are “Hips don’t lie” from Shakira, “Ildwild blue” Outkast, and Jack Johnson.

Tell us 3 things you like and 3 things you don’t like.

3 things I like:
1 - I love Boxer Dogs
2 - I love Portuguese food
3 - I love to go Shopping…well, I’m a girl,what can I do…lol

3 things I don’t like:
1 - My bike lol. It’s really heavy, even though its really small, but since it’s the only 16” for flatland, I have no other choice.
2 - liquorice..yuck!!…
3 - Fake people.

What is your job / what do you study?

Right now I’m a cashier at the Home Depot. I’ve been working pretty much everyday lol..thats why I took so long with this interview. In the winter I’m going to start college, I’m going to get a Personal Training certificate.

What are your hobbies besides flatland and do they influence your way of riding?

Well, I don’t have many other hobbies, but I try to work out, so that might help me a bit with my riding, I love to cook. Since I was little I always used to cook a lot, and I wish that in the past I had gone to a cooking school. Sometimes Justin and I go to a cabin that his parents have in the northern Michigan, and we go fishing, we play poker…



Frame: Ares STN 16”
Handlebars: KHE Dafu bars
Stem: KHE the flat 26
Pegs: Ares 88 twenty five, Bizhouse escalator
Cranks: Profile minis 145mm
Forks: Ares bikes 16”
- Front: G Sport
- Back: Nankai freecoaster with a profile shell

Last Words

Practicing makes it perfect, and you can’t say you can’t do something till you try it over, and over, and over, and over…
People like Justin made me believe in myself ,he made me believe I can do so much more, not only riding, but in life. People like my parents make me believe that love can even grow stronger being thousands of miles away. I couldn’t go back to Portugal till now, and I know that when I go back, my very best friends Sandra and Milhinhos, and my sister, will still be there for me, and things will never be different, no matter how long we are apart…. Lots of love to all of them, and also to my good friend Marie.

2006-11-06 - Cristiana Neves, Martin