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Thanks to Etienne Martos founder of d-zekilibre.

The International Festival of Extremes Sports took place in Montpellier for the third time. The sun was in place with all the people present to see this huge french summer event.
From the 13th to the 17th of july, you could ride bmx of course (flatland, street, dirt, half-pipe), skate and new was: wakeboard, water skate, snow board, freestyle skiing and some exibition of monocycle, graff and streetboard.That´s all! ;-)
For my part, I´ll talk about flaltland finals. Some of the best riders went to show all their combos. 2 famous japanese, yanmar & hiro, went to kill the ground of montpellier.
Of course, some of the best french riders were in place: Alexis Desolneux (it´s for me the best), Alex Jumelin, Christophe Dassié, Raphael Chiquet, Thomas Noyer & Florent Guyennon.
Trainings were wery hot with a mix of fast & crazy style with yanmar, hiro & alex and the other part was slower but very technical with Alexis Desolneux and all other riders.
The final was splited in two groups of four riders. The first was composed of R.Chiquet, T.Noyer, F.Guyennon & C.Dassier. The second was composed of Yanmar, Hiro, A.Desolneux & A.Jumelin.
R.Chiquet did a perfect run with yanmar style, T.Noyer did some good links on the front wheel but some faults prevent him to be on the top.

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F.Guyennon, a young brakeless rider did some links composed of hitchhiker & halfpacker. He hasgot a slow & good style.
C.Dassié was in bad form. The start of each combo was good but not the end. It was pity for Christophe cause he´s a good brakeless rider who he´s able to do a hitchhiker kickflip finger into a noose !!! It was not his day .
The second & last group, but not the least !! Yanmar did a fantastic run, like usually. Every know his run but it´s always magic. Bravo!
Hiro, the other japanese rider did some very very good combos with a huge speed. The bunny hop at the beginning of his run is great (Video on agoride).
Alex jumelin was in very good state of mind cause each run were very clean,sharp & fast. Alex, you got the KGB power!
Mister Desolneux did some very technical links (who were incomprehensible for the public) with an absolute brakeless style. I love this style.
This flatland final was great and i hope it will be the same next year.


1. Morizaki Hiroya
2. Alex Jumelin
3. Yamamoto Ryoji
4. Alexis Desolneux
5. Raphael Chiquet
6. Florent Guyennon
7. Christophe Dassie
8. Thomas Noyer

26th of July 2005 - Etienne Martos