Neon Media´s Create

imageThe DVD includes full sections of:

- Sebastian Pospischil
- Gabe Kadmiri
- Terry Adams
- Bram Verhallen
- Mickey Gaidos
- Stephen Hearn

It’s complete with a bonus section covering great riders and artistic photos from around the globe.

After watching the Create trailer over and over again while waiting for the DVD to arrive, I really got my hopes up on this new Neon Media production. Unfortunately, trailers don’t always give a fair idea of the video. However this isn’t the case with "Create". The movie did actually live up to my high expectations, and is pure quality throughout the 28 minutes of action.image

Filming and editing

My overall impression was good, and I was amazed how professional everything looked for being such a small production. You can really tell by the filming and editing that Shane put his soul into making this DVD for us. The filming is a nice mix of moving and static camera angles. The riders have also been filmed in a lot of different environments, which adds that little bit extra to the movie. Anyway, the editing is very well planned all the way through, and I liked the way Shane brought the riders sections together.

The soundtrack is kind of new to me. I am happy to see someone dare to experiment a little with some unorthodox music. I liked it and thought it was a good fit for the movie. That ending beat is mad good!


Although I liked the whole movie, there were some parts that stood out from the rest.

imageFirst of all, Stephen Hearn’s section. Before "Create", he was a pretty unknown rider, maybe not to the Americans but to the rest of the world. Now everybody is talking about him and his section in "Create". And that’s not without a good reason. That section is one of the craziest and best sections I have ever seen to date.

Sebastian Pospischils line about 4:07 into the movie. It’s one super hard and clean line. Talk about flow!

Terry Adams fighting face while doing that blender line tells the story about how much effort he puts into his riding.

Mickey Gaidos section captures the feeling of riding and wraps the movie up perfectly with that lovely beat!

I could probably mention a few things from each riders section, that’s how good the movie is. These were just the first that popped in to my mind. So if you got some money and looking to spend it, Shane Khajehnooris "Create" is a great choice!

Remember this is just one mans opinion, so go get your own!


2006-10-04 - David Lundquist