Moncho´s Jam

     Moncho´s Jam

The sunny day accompanied by fluffy clouds floating in the sky, and the soft breeze that characterizes San Ramón kept a perfect atmosphere for a full flatland riding day. When my friends from Nicoya and I arrived the venue at 8 or so in the morning, the place looked like a desert because it was too early for the riders to go out and start the event. So we had to wait like one hour, and we decided to go for a walk around the place, which is much fresher than our hometown by the way. When it was nearly 9 o’clock in the morning, the organizer of the contest and a few riders showed up so we started riding together. The conditions of the ground were not excellent, but since we seldom have events in Costa Rica we did not care about those little things. Ten minutes later the rest of riders and the sponsors along with the DJ started to arrive. There were more than twenty flatlanders riding at the same time in a very small court so some riders could not pull their tricks properly. After a forty-five minute practice Moncho’s Jam began.

The music was not what we expected to listen…reggaeton in a flatland contest? God damn NO!!! Most flatlanders here hate reggaeton; we wanted to kick the DJ’s ass. Diego (one of the best flatlanders in Costa Rica) and I were the judges this time. We gave a four minute run for each rider in the Beginner class. The first versus was pretty difficult for us to evaluate. Both Joe Suárez and José Conejo showed a very good level. We were amazed with José Conejo, who pulled some hitchhikers, lardyards, stick-b’s, and wheelchairs from the pedal. The next run was a hand to hand battle between Fabio Portilla and Marvin Picado. Marvin “el gordo” performed awesome mac circles and hitchhikers backwards so he advanced to the finals. The last versus was in charge of Johan Mora and Johan Vásquez; both did a very good job, too. We had three riders for the finals, in which José Conejo got the first place, Marvin Castillo got second, and Johan Mora got third respectively (See diagram Nº1 Beginner class). Because José Conejo won the Beginner event, he advanced to the Expert class. The Expert class had eleven riders plus the winner of the Beginner contest. The first two riders were Alonso Rodríguez and Donald “pato” Solís. Alonso got more points because of his crazy time machines no handed. The second run was a battle between Johnny “Pantera” representing the Old School, and Harry Sánchez, who showed his consistent combos that took him to the next round. The next versus had two riders with almost the same style and tricks: Alonso Vargas and Max Muñoz. Since Alonso got nervous and he could not complete any of his combos, Max ruled the battlefield. It was too funny to see Pablo’s bike painted in such an original way. However, that was not enough to win the versus against Luis Enrique Calvo. . I also got impressed when I realized that Michael Meza decided to enter the competition because he has always been a judge. Meza showed us that the old age is in our minds by winning the versus against José Conejo, the winner of the Beginner class. The last versus of this first part was between Esteban León and Luis Fernando Méndez, who got a flat tire during the early minutes of the event. Luis pulled very hard combos so he made the cut. The second part of the Expert contest took place after a ten minute practice.
Harry Sánchez and Max Muñoz were ready for the contest so they started the first versus. Max had four complete combos, while Harry only had three, but we also were evaluating style and quality so Harry won this time. The next two riders have always wanted to have a face to face confrontation: Alonso Rodríguez and Luis Fernando Méndez. The same thing happened here, Luis had two complete combos, and Alonso had none. However, Alonso’s tricks were more difficult, and he advanced to the finals. When the last versus of this part of the contest was going to take place, we the judges realized that Luis Calvo had disappeared and not returned. We had seen him with a hot girl before, and surely he had a good time with her. Automatically, Michael Meza advanced to the finals. At the end we had three riders for the finals: Alonso Rodríguez, Harry Sánchez, and Michael Meza. We gave them a ten minute practice, and after that they had to battle for eight minutes. The results: Harry Sánchez got the first place, Alonso Rodríguez got second, and Michael Meza got third (See diagram Nº2 Expert class). A few riders signed up for the Best Trick contest, in which Alonso Rodríguez won with his incredibly fast time machine no handed.

Results ( click to enlarge )

Photo credits: Michael Meza, Olman Sánchez, Harry Sing.

1st of December 2005 - Luis Elías