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At first I want to send a big thanks to Michiel from who send me MK Moments.

This time I’m going to write about a video that is a bit different from most of the flatland videos. MK Moments shows you the development and the current state of affairs of one of the most successful flatland riders in the world. Martti Kuoppa started riding when he was 12 years old and won nearly every title in flatland in the following 13 years. Today he is owner of KGB ( Kuoppa Gomez Bikes ) and of course still riding every day.

As I told you the video starts with some very old footage from 1992. You see Martti riding with a motocross helmet what looks quite funny. Then the history of MK continues with footage from the following years. It’s really interesting to see the progress he made from year to year. Maybe you know some of the scenes shown there from the intrikat videos. There are for example scenes from Background which was released in 2001. In my opinion a great way to start a solo video.

After the 5 minute history lesson the main part of MK Moments starts. It’s more difficult to review a solo video then a normal video where you have different riders. What would you expect from a solo video ? A ton of different links and styles ? Impossible. There are only 2 ways, you like Martti’s riding or you doesn’t like it ;-)
At least I can tell that you’ll see some smooth links that you maybe haven’t seen before. Martti was filmed at different spots in his hometown Helsinki, some of Viki’s spots in Madrid and in Singapure.

The camera work is a bit headstrong, he is always filmed from one fixed position. The camera doesn’t move around him like you know it from other videos. Maybe some variation would have been nice to diversify the video. But this way of filming looks sometimes very stylish, too. Some people told that there were too much visual effects in Viki Gomez’s solo video. I have to admit that I haven’t seen it but in MK Moments I saw nearly no effects thus I guess it’s very different from Viki’s.
There is one thing I have to criticise: a short interview ( maybe as bonus material ) or some comments would have been nice. You have awesome riding and cool music in this video but why isn’t there a single word of the protagonist ? Maybe next time in MK Moments Vol. 2 ;-)

If you like Martti’s riding and would like to see 20 inventive, fresh minutes of it, don’t hesitate to buy MK Moments. You won’t regret it. Still unsure ? Martti gave me the permission to make a short trailer. There you can see 2 of the 25 combos in MK Moments. You know Im not a video editing professional but I hope you like it a little bit. Ch-Check it out!

Trailer ( 30.4 MB - 1:45 minutes - DivX ): download here or here.

You can buy MK Moments for 25€ on

11th of December 2004 - Martin Schulz