Mark 'Rad Dad' Dandridge

• Name:  Mark Dandridge
• Age: 40
• Sex: M
• Location: Austin,Texas

• When did you start riding?

"I started riding at the age of 19 in 1986 after seeing the movie Rad. I was hoping to see some skating but I saw Eddie, Martin and Wilkerson doing amazing tricks and I wanted to learn them too. I stopped riding about 1992 when my son was born. I started back again in 2003 at the age of 36. I bought a G.T. Comp for $250 at Oshmans Sports Store. After a very long break I had forgotten much of what I had learned. I was so frustrated after 1 hour. I took the bike back to the store and got my money back. I decided since I couldn’t ride anymore I would at least watch a Video. If it wasn’t for watching Matt Hoffman just about kill him self doing the BIG AIR record breaking jump, I may not be here right now. After seeing that and saying to my self, I don’t give up. I got the same bike back and re-learned some of the hopping tricks that I new when I was 19. 5 years later I am still going strong and still learning tricks that I had no idea I would ever do in my lifetime."

• How often do you ride?

"I ride just about 4-6 times out of the week. Providing I have the time and energy to ride. Saturday Session is a Must! Wether I am tried, sick or injured. We ride every Saturday that we are in town."

• Do you ride contests?

"Yes. I have ridden at every Texas Flatland Round Up, Voodoo 2006,2007 and 2008; Texhoma, Elevations, Indy Jam.  The highest I have ever placed is 2nd in Beginner Class at the Texas Flatland Round up 4. Highest in Voodoo is 6th place, Beginner Class."

• Where do you ride? – Your Spot(s)

"I ride in front of my home, Chisholm Point B-Ball Courts and The World Famous Oltorf Garage, or as we like to call it THE O.G."

• Can you tell us a bit about the riding scene in your town?

"Our riding scene is Austin is probably one of the largest in the country right now. We have many talented riders that show up to the O.G. on a regular basis. Most people drive about a hour to get there and on any Saturday we can have 10-17 riders out there busting out some crazy tricks."

• Imagine you could make a flatland world tour, which 5 places would you like to visit for riding and why?

1 I would love to visit Japan, because the scene is so HUGE there.
2 I would love to go to Brazil and hang out with Bruno. He has CRAZY MAD SKILLS
3 Australia because I have made some super cool friends there and would love to hang out and ride there
4 I would love to go to Germany to attend the Masters, Thanks for inviting Robert!
5 I would like to stop in California that is home for me, and would love to hang out and ride with everyone there.

• Is there a goal you would like to reach concerning your riding?

"I kept asking people to do some tricks that were a combo of old and new. I figured that if I want them to be done, I will have to learn some new tricks and some of the older ones to combine them together. Like a Hang 5 into a Bar Endo. I think that would be cool to see. Or even a Time Machine into a Cherry Picker."

Video of Mark riding... funky fresh!

• Which trick/combo do you work on at the moment?

I have started a Blog to keep the progress of my Crackpacker. It gets updated weekly.

• What kind of music do you like? Tell us your 3 favourite songs.

"I listen to everything from Rock to Hip Hop to Country. As for Rock I really like “Control”  by Puddle of Mudd. For Hip Hop I really like Kanye West “You can’t tell me Nothing”, for Country I like “Good Morning Beautiful” By Steve Holly."

• Tell us 3 things you like and 3 things you don’t like.

"I like dancing, A good drama filled movie and eating out for dinner. I don’t like being late, a negative attitude and people who just can’t simply say hello."

• What is your job/what do you study?

"I work for a Brokerage Company, we reprersent several different Manufacturers in different major retail accounts."

• What are your hobbies besides flatland and do they influence your way of riding? (for example music you listen to, another sport you make or whatever)

"My life is Flatland. I eat drink and sleep flat. If I am not riding my bike I am on the phone talking about riding or making a post or making updates to BMX Freestyler. I think flatland is the ONLY sport. Sorry I have been that way for a long time."

Your Bike – Bikecheck:

My Bike is a St. Martin Darwin thanks to Adam DiClaudio
Odyssey 44 Bars from Paul Covey who got them from Cullen.
from Andy Cooper. 
from Chad @ Function BMX.
Seat Post from Julio Coto who got it from David Impalire
from Ares of America. Thanks Scott....I am still rocking it!
Pedals KHE Sealed..Flatland Fuel!
Tires Frequency G
is from Salt? Does anyone else have salt?
Cranks where economical choice.
Nanki Free coaster
from Art Thomason’s home town.
Brake lever
from Chadwick.
All other original bike parts came from Henry Davis @ East County BMX!

Last words:

• This is the place for shoutouts, wise words or whatever you would like to tell the world...

"I would like to thank my Wife, Wilda and my Son Caleb for giving me the support I need to be able to live out my dreams of riding flatland. The Austin Crew. Ruben Castillo, David Weathersby, Adam DiClaudio,Clint Majors, Chris Balles, Kenny Boucher, EZ Chris Anderson, Chris Mead, Brier, Juila, Jim Mckay, Julio Cotto. Mike Franklin,Johnathan Tomayo, Paul Covey, Hector Dangus. Cullen,Chadwick, Diego Tajada, David Impalieri, Rondey Williams, George, Jose, Adam Garcia, Paul Mayanes,Chris Landegent, Chris Newman, Chris B. Aaron Frost,Hector Garcia, Lee Edwards, Cesar Calderon, Brad Wright, Art Thomason, Alex Warden, Will Redd, Scott Ditchfiled, Amal,Kevin Lewis, Charlie,Chris Ridner, Eric Otto, Chris Day, Terry Adams, Scott Obrien, Mickey Gadios, Jowee Thompson. Carry Mathewes,Jesse Peuntes,Tyler Gillyard. Jesse Cantoree, Isahia Jordan, Bryan Huffman,Steve Munslle,Jake Jackson,Chris Armstrong,Andy Coooper, Scott Byrd,Daniel Burnett, Alan Young, George Kent, James McGraw, Josh Moralas, T.J. Perry. Jon. Andrew Dewmont. Killen Krew, Ryan Chris Mike and Ret. Morgan and Martin for helping put all this together on Global-Flat! There are many more names and I am not intentionally leaving anyone out."

2008-11-24 - Morgan