M.Kouppa about KGBBoat.com

     Interview: Martti Kuoppa about KGBBoat.com

This week KGB announced that they are going to drop all shops/distributions except Japan and start their own online shop. A lot of discussions about that new concept started so we asked Martti some questions about it ..

Q: How is KGBBoat going to work ? Riders from America for example would have to pay high shipping costs/taxes. Are your products really going to be cheaper for them ?

M.Kuoppa: As everyone already knows there are usually few different companies taking the profit out of the products. With flatland most of the kids are ordering mailorder anyway so they don´t really exhibit flatland products in the shops, or if they do so, it is usually 1 or 2 different brands, and once 1 brand already got their foot between the door long time ago with a street/dirt oriented BMX company with a flatland line up it is easier for the shop owners to carry the flatland products from this company. With a new company like KGB, you wouldn´t see it in a real bike shop because there isn´t really that much of an interest on flatland by the customers, so the flatlanders needs to order online their products. So that is the reason why we are starting www.kgbboat.com We see it unfair to a rider to buy a frame for 310 USD or almost 400 euros because there is so many different companies taking the profits. Also you have to remember that in some parts of the world the flatlander simply cannot afford a new frame because that would be his whole salary of working hard. Would he spend that hard earned 400 USD in 1 month on bike product or for costs of living? But if the frame or other product is lower price, then he might think about it and possibly buy it because he don´t feel so ripped off by people who were lucky enough to born into a country with higher state of living...

I also remember when I was a kid, I couldn´t afford a pair of pegs so I had to make them in school. My parents would not pay my expensive bike parts. So I only wished the bike parts were cheaper. Now that we have a change to do so why wouldn´t we? We can do whatever we want with our project and we want everyone in the world to afford nice quality flatland products!

The shipping from Europe to US or South America is not that expensive and we are going to adjust the prices the way that people living far away are going to have bit lower price due to the higher shipping than rider ilving
in europe. As for the Taxes, the customs will receive a receipt that says it came from a Santa Claus from Finland, hehe!!!

Q: Are there any other reasons for dropping all the shops/distributions ? Have you had any trouble with them ?

M.Kuoppa: No troubles with distributors, they have always been really supportive towards us and towards flatland. They also showed a lot of understanding about this movement.

Q: Are you going to sell only KGB products or other brands, too ? Because many people like to order all there stuff from one shop. To save shipping costs and to get it all at the same time.

M.Kuoppa: We are going to sell only KGB products.

Q: When is the shop finally going to be online ?

M.Kuoppa: We are aiming on 25th of june, but also on that time we are at the contest in Germany and might not be able to work it out. We´ll try our best for 25th...

Q: Why is the shop called kgbBOAT ?

M.Kuoppa: That´s something everyone can think about...

Thanks for the interview!

10th of June 2005 - Martin Schulz