Last Session 2005 Contest

     KHE Bikes / ChicoClothing – Last Session 2005 Contest

The year 2005 was a wonderful year for flatland. There were many big and nice competitions. I travelled the whole summer from contest to contest. But in december there wasn’t any competition in Germany. And so i decided to organize the last contest of the year 2005 by myself. First i thought about the easiest way to get a flatland indoor spot. I knew a nice flatland hall in Eisenhüttenstadt. I called Alex Schönfeld, a member of the 1220bmx crew and one of my best friends and told him my vision. He liked the idea and the Last Session 2005 Contest was born !!
We chose the 30th of december as the date because it was the last day before New Year’s Eve. I asked Thomas Göring and Dirk Rosenthal for some support and they said yes. On the 30th i woke up, looked out of my window and was shocked because it snowed very much. So i checked my mails and many riders mailed me that they could not come to the competition because of the snow and the slippery streets. I drove from Eberswalde to Eisenhüttenstadt by train which was a big problem too. It took me 5 hours to get there although Eberswalde is not far away from Eisenhüttenstadt. I was afraid that Alex and me are the only riders in the hall. When i openend the door i was very surprised that so many riders fought against the weather and came to the contest. At this moment i knew it would be a good contest. Alex and i chose the battle mode as contest system and we divided it into three classes ( A, B and C class ). I was the moderator so i have seen a lot of nice battles. And now i want to tell you more about these battles.
C class battle
The first battle was Raiko Bierring against Kevin Lehmann from Frankfurt. Raiko smashed some signature tricks like sidesqueaker to backwardspogo-barflips. Kevin showed some different kinds of forkglide. But Raiko won this round. Another battle of the first round was Florian Schirmer from Eberswalde against the local rider Tino Rabe. Florian did a crazy switzerlandsqueaker combo but Tino destroyed him with a Hang 5 to halfpacker and out.
The third battle was Andreas Henska from Lutherstadt Wittenberg against Matthias Krüger aka Krügi the warrior from Göttingen. Krügi surprised the crowd with pegwheelie to tailwhip. Very nice dude. But Andreas answered with style. He pulled a backwardsteamroller and backwardpegwheelie and won the battle.The fourth battle consisted of the three riders who weren’t successful in their battles. So everybody had a second chance to get into the next round. The judges could not decide and so two riders, Florian Schrimer and Matthias Krüger had to do a final combo after the battle. The rider with the best combo was in the next round. Everybody in the crowd supported his favourite rider. It was like a thriller. Florian was very nervous and stepped his foot on the ground. And that was the reason why Matthias won the battle.

In the semi-final Raiko had to ride against Matthias. Raiko won with a nice Gerator Combo. Matthias wanted to pull a brakeless decade but he was a little bit unlucky with this trick.
Tino Rabe did a battle with Andy the styler. Tino had a very good run and pulled every trick he tried. Karl Kruizer barflip or halfpacker were no problem for him. But Andy wanted to win and showed a signature forkglide with one foot on the pedal to backward steamroller with one hand on the pedal. That was very cool but the judges decided that Tino is the winner because Andy stepped his foot one or two times on the ground.
After hard and diffcult battles Raiko Bierring from Eberswalde and Tino Rabe from Eisenhüttenstadt were the two last gladiators. It was really one of the contest highlights. The DJ played one of the best drum and bass vinyl and the fight could start. Raiko showed a tailwhip to gerator to backhopbarflip. But Tino was very cool and did a hitchhiker and different kinds of halfpacker variations. The judges decided that Tino is the winner of the C class and of course he was very happy about it.

B class battle
In the B class there were many good riders. Sometimes I thought I moderate a pro battle. There are so many good riders in Germany I can’t believe it. I think 14 riders were registrated for the B class. There were so many battles and thats the reason why I only tell some highlights of the first round. For example I remember two people from Leipzig with name Thomas and Jonas. They did so many hard tricks and everybody could see the style-school of Chris Böhm by this two riders. Thomas showed Hang 5 to McCircle hitchhikerspin without breaks. Jonas showed tricks like barflip to steamrollergturns. Martin Schulz was very good too. He did backwardshitchhiker and hangfive to steamroller. Raik from Neubrandenburg mixed his Flatlandstyle with breakdance and showed spinning gerator.
Eight riders were left from the first round. Two of them were Johny Krämer and Benny Hill (That is really his name). They are two guys from Eberswalde. Johny has learned many new tricks in the last time. Everybody was fascinated about his cliffhangerspin with one foot on the bar like Alex Jumelin. But he was nervous and Benny had a very nice run against John. So Benny won. Rene Böhm ( he isn´t the brother of Chris) from Zehdenick convinced in the first round with pinkysqueak and steamroller combos. He is very young and visits every contest with his father Klaus Böhm. Rene´s father doesn´t ride flatland but in my opinion he is a flatlander too.Whenever I see Rene he has learned new tricks. He is a very good talent of the flatland sport. But in the second battle he had to ride against Alex Schönfeld from Eisenhüttenstadt.I think Alex is one of the best riders from East-Germany. In the battle against Rene he showed halfhiker360barflip and some difficult trickcombos like a backpackerwhipcombo. That’s the reason why he won the battle. Thomas Gödicke rode in this round against Oliver Radunz from Eberswalde. Oliver was unlucky because his fork was broken and so he rode the competition with Benny´s bike. But he did halfpackerkickflip and a very cool pinkysqueak combo with the bike of Benny. The choice of the judges for the semi-final was Oliver. The last battle in this round was Steven Starwicki and Thomas Gödicke. Steven won with his steamrollerpinkysqueak combo. Moreover he tried a hitchhikerkickflip.

Alex Schönfeld and Benny Hill were the gladiators of the last battle in the B class. Benny rode so amazing. He convinced the jugdes with 360barflip-jump to steamroller to barflip to mccircle to hitchhikerspin. Another hard combo was rope-a-roni 360barflip to geratorbikevarial to upsidedown megaspin and out. Respect to you Benny. So the the winner of the B class is Benny Hill from Eberswalde.

A Class
Three rider from the B class were qualified for the A class and that were Johny Krämer, Benny Hill and Alex Schönfeld. It was a funny draw because the tickets determineded the three B class riders against the three A class riders.
The first battle was Daniel Hennig from Bitterfeld against Alex Schönfeld. Daniel had learned so many new hardcoretricks. For example whipsplash to bikevarial to onefooted switchfooted halfpacker to switchfooted steamrollerundertaker. He pulled all this tricks in the battle and so he hadn´t problems to win against Alex. The second battle was Chris Böhm against Johny Krämer. But it wasn´t easy for Chris because Johny suprised everbody with his combos like Steamroller to hitchihikerspin to Mccirclebarflip to hangfive to Cliffhanger with one foot on the bar. Another cool trick was the pedaling time machine from John. But Chris did tricks like X-footed nose manual to x-footed-mccircle to barflip Pedalsteamroller-g-turns. His stylish combos were the reason why Chris won this battle. The last battle of the first round was Benny against me. It was not easy for me to win. Because Benny was very motivaded of his succesful B class final. But I had a little bit luckand so I won with some hitchhikervariations. The best rider of the„losers“ came in the next round too.

In the semi-final Chris had to ride against Daniel Hennig. It was very hard to judge this battle because Chris and Dan showed the hardest stuff. Chris convinced with Hangfive to X-footed-nohanded-Tomahawk to 360barflip to steamroller to endless combo and Dan convinced with his new tricks too. After the battle no one wanted to make a choice and so Chris and Dan had to do one hard combo again. The best Combo was from Chris because
he didn´t touched the ground. Dan was a little bit unlucky because he stepped his foot on the ground after the first trick .So the first finalist was Chris Böhm. The second battle was Alex Schönfeld against me. He pulled a backpackerwhip. I showed some hangfive-combos and i was suprised that the judge said Fuhre wins.

Chris „the freshbouncer“ Böhm and Daniel Fuhrmann were the finalists. It was already midnight when the final started and both tried to collect their last power for this battle. You already read a lot of trick descriptions in this article so I’m going to tell only the result of the battle: Chris won. Congratulations!

After the contest we chilled in the hall, drank a few beers and had a good time. Some of us went to a party close to the hall. I think it was a very cool contest and i would like to thank every rider who came to the contest and made this competition - a very good Last Session 2005. Moreover i would like to thank KHE Bikes and Chico Clothing for their support.

14th of January 2006 - Daniel Fuhrmann