Last Battle of the Year
imageThe Day started when we arived at the place around 2 o´clock. The floor was already laying there so i took my bike out for a spin and it was really perfect so the day started good. After a half hour a lot of riders from Holland where already represanting andmore kept showing up. Also Spain, France, Germany and Belgium were there to represant in total there where like 30 riders. At 16:30 we started off with Expert qualification and wish was followed by the finals. 8 expert riders including Pascal Nanko from Germany Alexandro (don´t rember his last name) from Spain were battling for the 1st place. The heat was really on and riders were droping some hard tricks. In the first half final we had to Dutch riders going head 2 head and the level was really high. Erik Hogers was droping his rolade/decades and whoppers with tailwhip landing Morisake style against Sietse van Berkel with his smooth steamroller/whiplash combo´s with some crazy original pedal steamroller with his other feet on the top tube 1 handed. I was judge and it was a hard to decide but Sietse went to the finals. Then it was Germany vs Spain. Alexandro was having a hard time pulling his clean side sqeaker bw imagesteamroller spin combos wish he pulled all clean in the qualification. Pascal pulled some smooth backwheel turbins landed with decade and a nice halfpacker link so it was Germany vs Holland in final. Both of the riders where on a high and it was a  good battle but in the and the victory went to Sietse.
So after a lot of b-boy battles around 20:00 we started of with the pro´s. We had the a bad thing crew from France. Miquel "Guelo" Sangareau from Spain (know from the Flatland XXX clips). Gilles van de Sompel from Belgium. And me plus the 2 expert finalsts formed 8 pro´s to get the battles started. First battle was Geulo vs Matthias. Geulo was having a hard time with pulling his tricks which he had really dialed in practice. Which is the opposite from Matthias who was pulling all his contest combo´s and did his no-handed pumping pedal timemachine, Matthias was on to the next head. Up next was Gilles vs Sietse. Sietse was pulling some of his tricks but Gilles was really dialed with his halfpacker jugglers and blenders so Gilles wimageent to the next heat. Then Pascal was of against Alex who was riding with out breaks but still was pulling some nice links. Pascal tried hard but it was Alex who went to the next head. Then i was finaly my turn after putting alot of efford in organising, the moment was finally there. I had to battle against Raphael the backwheel pivot master from France. The heat was really on and I started out save with my pedal hang 5 to halfpacker combination and landed it save. Rapheal started out save to, with his scuffles stupple ducks. So i decided to throw out a backwheel link since it was a battle and i wanted to show i can do some backwheel stuff to. After both pulling some links and continuing battling after time 2 judges decided for Raph, which was a big disappointment for me since i really felt like I won. But the show must go on. First half final was Matthias against Gilles. Gilles had a clear run but Matthias was also unstubable. Then it was Raph vs Alex they both had a little bit of trouble pulling their tricks but in the end Alex won. So the final was young against old, both French. Matthias was pulling alot of tricks but didn´t land everything the same was for Alexs boomerang combos. But Matthias came back really hard by pulling his crazy barflip wheelchair boomerang trick. So in the end its obvious that Matthias won his last victory of the year!
I was really happy how the event went. And want to thank everyone who helped out and made it happen. Hope to see you all next year!

2008-12-31 - Dez