KHE School DVD

     KHE Flatland School DVD

The DVD begins on a menu, (yes a menu !) which allows you to choose between the bonus, each chapter or the whole dvd.
Since I’ve always liked to do things in a proper order, I will begin with the bonus ! This part is composed of some footage, for instance a demo of the KHE riders (only flat of course) all in great shape, with the well known (but still impressive) turbined steam roller no foot of Jesse, or the old school links of OG Marton quite at ease on decades, catapult to megaspin on the frame and more...
Besides you can find a little story of BMX and tips about warming-up and brakes, it would have deserved to be a little more developped, since other DVDs don’t mention these topics it’s still interesting but not long enough, pity!

The oldschool part also shows trick tips of some old but still nice tricks like miami hopper or cherry picker, you can also notice that some tricks like G-turn or stubble duck can be considered as oldschool and pulled using the brakes! So it’s a successfull allusion to the roots, moreover the “Dorkin In York” videos are mentioned.

You’ll also note the part about the KHE company who makes the most of it by putting an advert with Jesse, always ready to help at the factory with his friend Midget before doing a demo!!!

Before going in the details let’s add that this video is based on the 6 following chapters :

  • The Basic tricks (after some advice on tire pressure, protections etc…)
  • Scuffing tricks
  • Rolling Tricks
  • “Decade Catapult & Pinky” kind of tricks
  • Spinning Tricks
  • Links

But Before the Trick-Tips begin, we have a footage of KHE pro riders who are going to show the tricks :

  • Jesse Puente who begins brusquely on a spinning Halfpacker
  • OG Marton with a very long link based on decades and catapult
  • Daniel Fuhrmann in freaking hi-speed spinning combos
  • Ullrich Geraldo Kittel with his old man Mask and his pipe, but his riding shows no sign of age!

Each chapter follows a logical progress, from the easiest to the hardest.

So when the first trick beginned I couldn’t help smiling, seing OG Marton (I had just seen on a crazy link) on a “standing” or some “hops”! But still it is rather efficient : there is an order and tons of tricks even for the basis (I saw tricks I had never heard about before!).
Don’t panic I am not going to write down the entire list of the tricks, there´s almost all of them anyway (I gave up counting!) Some tricks are shown under names I didn’t know (like “Donut” for a circle K) so I suppose it isn’t the most popular names. However the main thing is there : well shown tricks, the video is simple in the form but effective, for exemple you won’t find some advice like “put your foot this way and then grap the seat that way...” but you’ll see each trick two or three times with good and differents camera angles which seem to be a good way to have a clear vision of the trick you want to learn.
As a conclusion, this is a serious DVD to learn seriously by making solid basis of riding, and if sometimes a lack of advice can be felt, it is still well build and filmed. This is not a BMX video you will watch with friends only to appreciate the riding (despite the impressive but rare demos), I ‘d rather consider it as a tool to put your flatland level higher.

29th of April 2005 - Ilan Giguel