January 09: Jean Bulhon

imageName: Jean Bulhon
Age: 22
Sex: male
Location: Issoire, center of France


When have you started riding?

If my memory is good was in 2001

How often do you ride?

I try to ride most often i can, but it’s hard, 2 times a week but sometimes 3, 4hours a day.. i would like ride all days..

Do you ride contests?

I try yes but there are not many contest in france and i can’t move very far frome my home for the moment. But now i could travel to german spain,...etc, i hope

Your biggest success?

Hum...i think 7th to the 1st ninja spin in master class

Where do you ride?

I ride with Kevin and Gaetan in Issoire on my spot, i have just one spot outdoor. A parking and it’s 30km from my home, it’s very difficult to ride many times by week. Sometimes i ride with Rodolf, in his town.


Can you tell us a bit about the riding scene in your town?

We are 5, me Kevin Jackob and Rodolf Clavelier, Gaetan and Kolida, those rider are very good!!image

Imagine you could make a flatland world tour, which 5 places would you like to visit for riding and why?

Japan because it’s my dream since im a kid not espacialy for the flatland but for lot’s of things ( manga, martial art, flatland,...), finland to ride with Martti, South America because there are lot’s of good rider and i wanna see that, Germany because i don’t know this country and to finish United States of course!!

Is there a goal you would like to reach concerning your riding?

Uummm ...just ride hard push my own limit.

Which trick/combo do you work on at the moment?

Now I ride brakeless and I try some pivot and jump.

General stuff

What kind of music do you like? Tell us your 3 favourite songs.

I listen lot’s of hip hop song mixtape from USA like Lil Wayne, T-Pain,...
- Let it rock of Lil Wayne and T-Pain
- DJ Kahled
- A millie blend of Lil Wayne

Tell us 3 things you like and 3 things you don’t like.

I like: my sweety girl, hard good sessions and travel.
I don’t like: break my parts,....that’s all.

What is your job / what do you study?

For the moment im a student in the industrial maintenance superior.

What are your hobbies besides flatland and do they influence your way of riding?

I love breakdance, martial art like kung fu or aikido its my passion after flatland, the way they practice influence my riding with the music I listen of course, new technologies and the design art.


imageFrame: Prototype St Martin "Eiffel"
Bar: KGB Elektro
Stem: Suelo Flybikes
Fork: Odyssey Pro Flat
Front rim: Araya Sup 7x
Front hub: Flybikes
Rear rim: Araya Sup 7x
Freecoaster: Ares Boo
Rear and front tires: Odyssey Frequency G
Crank: Profile Pro Race
Sprocket: St Martin
Front pegs: KGB
Rear pegs: KHE Jessup
Seat: KHE Watanabe
Pedals: Decathlon
Grips: Ody Longneck

This is the place for shutouts, wise words or whatever you would like to tell the world
Thanx to global-flat for the itw and the video, my family, my girl, my friends, ted, atrh babz, 2clo for all , Kevin, rodolf, gaetan for their riding, bachir and moos, all rider i met on contest or jam.

2009-01-02 - Jean Bulhon