Intrikat: Mixt

     Intrikat: Mixt

in-tri-cate / ´intrikat/ adj containing many small parts or details that all work or fit together: designs of amazing intricacy and sophistication- intricate patterns (1). Ponder the wordplay…then decide for yourself on the appropriateness of this adjective after absorbing the following combos:
Cory Fester – 180 to boomerang to backward hang five (study…) to backwards halfpacker to tailwhip to backwards dork wheelie to backward hang five (study again…) to backwards halfpacker to fork glide out; rear manual to hang five to turbines to fire hydrants to barswitch to tomahawk to steamroller to fire hydrants to mc circles to hitch hiker. Pause.

Chad Johnston - rocket five to pedal five turbines to rocket five turbines to cowboy squeaks – half lash to backwards circular pedal-roni to undertaker flip (?!) to backwards dork wheelie to backwards death truck..

Travis Collier – front wheel 720 (technicality…) to pedal five turbines; opposite-foot karl kruiser to backward steam to barswitch to backwards halfpacker…

Scott Weaver – kneeling-on-the-seat five to hang five to barflip to steamroller turbines to crackpacker turbines to 0 -handed steamroller; random kneeling-on-the-seat fives down insane 1:4 verges, headed straight for the sea - (honestly)!

Kotaro Tanaka – half-lash to forward 1-handed deathtruck to gerator to backyard glide to backwards dork wheelie to signature inside gerator* to kneeling on the seat rear manual to more inside gerator to smith decade out; fire hydrant to time machine to 1-handed perverted boomerang seatgrab out (science…)

intrikat, an inspired choice of name for a flatland video production house if there ever was one – Chad Johnston’s soul mission seems to be to distribute the most edgy, content-rich and visually potent of all the flatland films, to mix down the most diverse, engaging soundtracks time after time, and to make wares that continue to satisfy way, way after the 1st viewing. Mixt is Intrikat’s latest release and captures some of the essence of earlier VHS releases like Background, with subtle post-production effects and the aforementioned ‘creative’ soundtrack. No excuses are made (or are needed, frankly) for the obvious penchant towards hip-hop, but our minds are suitable broadened with everything from tribal beats to rock as the film rolls on relentlessly, only allowing short pauses for reflection before the next onslaught of tricknology is unleashed. That’s precisely what this DVD is all about – visually unadulterated flatland. All the riders listed on the back cover kill whatever spot they find themselves at; it’s blatantly obvious how much time the producers spent with each of them. Virtually no competition coverage, save for a sweet cameo of Voodoo Jam 2004 in the bonus section, so satisfaction, if you like to watch flatland in more natural habitats, is guaranteed.
Just as you think the main feature is over, there’s a whole extra 7+ minutes devoted  to  the  skills  of  one  Cory Stratychuk (italics all his) – You’ll just
have to get a copy to see what happens next…we’re not gonna spoil it for you! We haven’t even arrived at the bonus section yet – and before we do there’s even more hidden content, this time a mixt(ure) of music from ‘The Weather Underground’ and a video co-directed and edited by Chad Johnston. Whatever you do, don’t press stop on this DVD until it runs itself out – there’s bonus content galore. Where else would you see a flatland rider jumping out of the cockpit of a  Pitts  Special biplane straight onto his bike, then launching himself into a tirade of

half-lash to forward rope-a-roni to belly roni’s** - exactly! Tracks by Daddy V. / RBX., Metallica, Nucleus, Automator and a host of others ensure all your aural as well as visual nodes are suitably massaged – even when you aren’t watching you can let this DVD simmer away in the background while studying/ chilling or whatever.

A brilliant piece of work, something historians will probably use as reference material 100 years from now…as intrikat as it gets - highly recommended!

(1). Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, 3rd edition, 1995.
(*) and (**) - insert correct trick name as appropriate.

4th of December 2005 - Carl Bourne