Interview: Wolfgang Sauter

imageName: Wolfgang Sauter
Age: 24 years of age , but sometimes still a kid.
Location: Plauen – East Germany (DDR) and the world.
Started riding: with 6 years without upholding wheels and with 15 my first BMX
Occupation: actually only dad , rider and lover … I try to get self-employed with Soulmanifest

Part I - Who are you ?

Q: Since when have you got dreadlocks?

Wolfgang: I had my first mat-hairs with 16 or 17. For me, my dreads are a sign for my personal development in the last few years – maybe I will cut them if I have done with my past…

Q: What type of music do you listen to? Please tell us about your project

Wolfgang: I listen to ragga dancehall, hip hop, D n`B, funk, soul, classic, children music … and radiohits !!! Our project Soulmanifest consists of a clothing label and a website containing information about me and my riding, an e-shop for clothing, bikes and parts – only a small, finest selection.

Q: What are you doing beside riding your bike?

Circle Cow 2006: riding the equilibrium frame

Wolfgang: Don’t know…all the other things that have to be done…

Q: Do you like pets?

Wolfgang: Yes I like them. I grow up with animals because my parents are farmers. They are living beings and I think we should treat them suitable – a reason why I´m a vegetarian.

Q: Which is better donuts or croissants?

Wolfgang: Donut is the better trick, croissant the better food!

Part II - Riding

Q: Why do you only have cranks on your bike and no chain?

Wolfgang: At the moment I ride small pegs instead of a crank… I just try different things and if it feels good, I keep it. Hey, that’s freestyle, not every bike (or scooter) has to look equal. For me it’s a step forward – because of that I got a different style and new things came to my mind…respect to Bruce Crisman! (streetrider without chain)

Q: Did you ever get into a situation in which you wished to have a chain?

Wolfgang: Sometimes it`s more strenuous…I often rolled from my parents village to the next trainstation (25 km) so I had a lot of training. I`m as fast as other riders with small chaindisk. Do you want a race ??

Q: What is your goal in flatland as a pro?

Wolfgang: Good question…at the moment it changes from day to day. I try to be conscious about my body and my bike. And I want to express myself, show my inner world, my feelings …

Ninja Spin 2006 in France: one of the first missions for the brandnew 'Tantra' frame

Q: How many hours do you practice a day?

Wolfgang: … from sunrise till sunset and from dusk till dawn …

Q: Why do you ride brakeless?

Wolfgang: Riding with brakes is too difficult for me, because I`m not able to multitask (yeah I`m just a male).

Q: What kind of warm-up are you doing before you ride?

Wolfgang: It`s a kind of freestyle yoga stretching …hmmm I want to move like a snakeman.

Part III - The Tantra Frame

Q: Why did you name it Tantra?

Wolfgang: The Indian word Tantra means something like interweaved carpet – that`s a symbol for the connection between all things that exist including me and my ambience. Ok, let`s apply that philosophy in freestyle BMX. If I`m connected with my bike, the ground and the surrounding area, I can use that connection for my moves. Try to watch it from a higher point of view – riding is a dance of atoms !!!

Q: How did you get the signature frame deal?

Wolfgang: One or two years ago , I got more interested in the KHE products because they were getting better and better. That's why I talked with T.G. about a sponsorship. Few month later I tried to call him because of the equilibrium frame, but I didn`t reach him – he`s always busy…He called me back, and the first thing he said was: ”Do you want to design your signature frame ?" - I couldn`t say no… Thank you Thomas!

Q: Did you design the frame all by yourself ?

Wolfgang: Yes, before I met Thomas, I made a 1:1 drawing and defined lengths and angles. In conversation with him we elaborated technical details and possibilities. Then I got a producer-drawing which I adapted. I drew the stickers, choose the colours and completed the appearance.

Q: Have you developed all the geometry?

Practise at 'Flatland für Arme Flatland für Beine' - a smaller contest in eastern Germany. Second place for Wolfgang behind Simon O'Brien from Australia.

Wolfgang: Yeah, I tought a lot about the geometry. The special features are a short wheelbase ( 80-83 cm / 32" ) but although luxurious space on front and backwheel – to reach that, the chainstays are very short ( RC: 12” / 30 cm ) and as a result of that the downtube long (I don`t want to miss the space under the frontwheel!). For the right position of the seat and enough space between backwheel and seatstay, the seattubeangle is 75°. ( same like headangle )

Q: Did you make sure your front and back wheel tricks will be suitable for this frame?

Wolfgang: I make sure that the frame is suitable for most newschool tricks (included the tricks that I do at the moment). It`s not a special frame for my tricks! Because tricks change.

Q: How is the frame handling so far?

Wolfgang: ……….delicious……….

Q: If you can change something about the current Tantra, what would you change? Or what is going to be changed before the final production starts ?

Wolfgang: The geometry is perfect – I couldn`t do it better. The first series comes in two versions – one with F-set gyrosystem (for backbrake riders), one with internal headset and without brakepivots. The colours will be green with yellow stickers (and yellow fork and bar with green stickers at the complete bike) or flashy orange with black hatched stickers (and black parts). The stickers on the maintubes will be removeable.

Q: What is the best part of your frame?

Wolfgang: The best part of my frame is definitely my FRAME …or maybe my name on it ??? ;-)

Q: Which frame of your team members would you ride if you would not have your signature frame ?

Wolfgang: I rode the Equilibrium for two months and I liked it – I think Brams “RIP” or Justin's “Militant” are nice frames too, but I would have to remove stickers and change colour…

Q: When is the frame coming out?

Wolfgang: The frame should be available in September.


  • 1-1/8" internal headset or F-SET integrated rotor
  • Head tube angle 75.0°
  • RC: 12“
  • the 1-1/8” internal headset frame can be equipped with detangler rotor
  • 100% Japanese SANKO 4130 CrMo
  • TT length: 18.79“
  • Double Butted top-, down- and seattube, U-Pivots
  • Weight: 1.98 kg | 4.36 lbs (non F-SET)
  • Heat Treated 3/8” Dropouts, Euro Bottom Bracket and Headtube



Thank you for the interview!

2006-08-15 - Questions by Andre Hornung, Anthony Lim and Martin Schulz