Impaqued VM issue 3

     Impaqued VM issue 3 review

The phrase “videomagazine” can give me recurring nightmares of stock contest footage thrown together with a wannabe emo soundtrack, interspersed with largely uninspiring interviews. Does BMX breed charismatic people? I know of plenty but stick a microphone under their chin and you get a monotone monologue of clichés. Luckily, Impaqued VM issue three steers clear of these stereotypes, and it’s well worth checking out.

Produced by Neon Media, Impaqued has managed to gather some great footage from a wide variety of places, and I can pretty much guarantee you won’t have seen a lot of it before, even if you got yourself around most of last year’s Euro contests.

Kicking off, we have a Chad (and Amy) Johnston and Bobby Carter feature, mixing riding clips with their philosophies and ideas on video production. These two paid their dues in the days of tape to tape editing, and behind their bars too, good riding, nice music.

Next up we have a Jeff Derosche section filmed largely in downtown Toronto. Jeff sticks down some fat links on top of a slab of marble, there’s some really good filming and editing, sounds like Enya on the soundtrack, and the guys are nice enough to give you a couple of slow-mo replays when your “what the fudge?!?” instinct has you reaching for the review button.

World Mix 1 follows, sandwiching riding from Japan in between Alex Jumelin and Stephan Ferrard (surely he plays football for Liverpool FC?) in some nice-looking underground practice spot in Paris.
Get ready for UK treats with Keelan Phillips. Keelan is getting so good, so fast, and according to my mate Will, a flatlander of old who dropped in for a cup of tea, “this guy is amazing!”. And the reason why no UK riders scuff? It’s always raining so you have to learn to pump. Alright!

A Stephan Cerra interview is up next, which could have Garage Days Revisited as its soundtrack, but settles for some MassiveAttack-type stuff, which goes well. Cerra has moved to the hills from Cali, fresh air, fresh approach, riding in the garage. Didn’t understand a word he said though, maybe I need to clean out my ears more.

Moving onto World Mix 2. Now this is crammed with rare treats. Viki, Raphael, Alex and Martti are featured at last May’s Flat Jam in Greece, followed by Jesse and Hiro ripping it up in Munich. A short trip beyond the now defunct iron curtain brings us to Budapest, where we see Pal Gyenes (now I am SURE he just signed as a defender for my local club Wolverhampton Wanderers) Pete Szabolin and other OG riders ripping it up. Next in the mix, and somehow pulling off “Kiss Kiss” by Holly Valance as the soundtrack, is footage from Battle in da Club in Stuttgart. It works, I don’t know how, but ex-soap star pop and flatland goes together. Chris Bohm, Jesse, Nate, Dan Hennig, Seppl and Wolfgang rip it up and look to be having fun. Check out one of these club nights if you get the chance.. or do your own!

Having mentioned an aversion to stock contest footage Impaqued ends with footage from Battle at the Beach and the Prague Worlds. Now I am guessing there is one of those two that you didn’t go to, so it’s good to check out, Justin Miller ripping too, but not quite up to scratch with the rest of the video’s editing and filming standards.
So there you have it. A totally comprehensive video magazine. Not content with all that? The extras gives you Impaqued trailers, Matt Wilhelm’s cribs, which I do hope is tongue in cheek, footage of practice from the Worlds, and a photomontage section.

I would never show a non-BMXer Props, but I’d play this for them. Diverse, good music choice, very well edited, and worth checking out.

Trailer download ( you need Quicktime to watch it, you can download the Quicktime Player for free: here )

21st of February 2006 - Chris Job