Hollywood Jam Round #6

     Hollywood Jam Round #6

The Hollywood Jam Round Six was another amazing day in my life. More than 40 riders showed up over the course of the day, and the weather was completely perfect. It was not to hot, and there was a very slight breeze. This was great, because for the last couple weeks it had been raining and overcast in Southern California.

Anyway, as always people came from far away to experience the good vibe. Jon Dowker visited from Athens, Georgia, and Ryota Fujimoto was coming from Japan. Apart from that pretty much all the Los Angeles crew was in attendance, and the San Diego crew was duely accounted for as well.
During the day many legends made their appearances including Jesse Puente, Day Smith, and Chris Day. Day Smith is back living in California, and riding as the pictures will show. Jesse is simply amazing to watch. From my point of view in the last three years he has improved immensely. I use to watch him ride, and he would try all this crazy stuff, but would never pull anything. These days he’s doing even more crazy tricks, and he is pulling out of everything. If you ever get a chance to see him ride enjoy it, because he is definitely one of funniest people to watch.

And then there was Chris Day who showed up at the end of the day. He was rocking a jedi light saber, and to this day he is the boomerang, and g turn master. Apart from all the legends there we’re many pros, and up and comers representing. Manuel Prado came out and brought another pro level rider from Costa Rica with him. They we’re both busting out. Jon Dowker made his pro debut the day before at a contest held by disaster bmx. He got third behind Day Smith and Jesse Puente at that contest, but the Hollywood Jam was to be his lucky day. That’s right first place went to Jon Dowker at the Hollywood Jam. He busted out all day, and definitely deserved all of that number 1.

This brings me to the placings for the Hollywood Jam. If any, and all of you are wondering there was no contest. Instead i had a raffle and people chose numbers from 1 to 32, and whatever number you pulled that is what place you got at my jam. It was a complete joke, but now you know who came to the jam. As for the raffle everybody won something for free, so everybody won this jam in a sense. The main sponsors this time around we’re Diversion, Sick Child, and Quamen. They all contributed great merchandise to the raffle. After the raffle and the group picture the jam continued well into the night, as people did not stop riding even after the sun went down. Finally, around seven o’clock the dispersement became final, and another amazing jam had come to completion.

If anyone out there wants to experience my next jam just let me know. Email: s.scheuerer@worldnet.att.net all I can say is bring a good vibe, and you have got a place to stay. Hollywood Jam Round #7 will be back at the beach sometime in the spring so you have six months to make plans, and plane tickets. See you there!!!

4th of November 2005 - Stephen “Hollywood” Scheuerer