Hollywood Jam number 12
The long running series of events started up by "Hollywood" Steve Scheuerer.  I would say that it is definitely these types of grassroots events that help keep the Flatland community connected and moving forward in these times of struggle.  It is always a great chance to get together with other riders and hang out, ride and just have fun.  That is really what it should be ALL about, just living that BMX lifestyle.  It is also an opportunity to catch up with old friends and for sure meet some new ones and see how everyone´s riding is progressing and evolving.
   The infamous Studio City parking lot was host to this rounds gathering and is a favorite spot for many of the local riders.  I have been looking forward to this day for weeks.  But, unfortunately waking up Saturday morning the day was looking a bit dicey from the jump.  We woke up to a dark and ominous sky, looking like it could let loose with some serious rain at any second.  So, as we headed out we could really only hope for the best and see what happens.  We step out the door into a tiny bit of drizzle, pack up the bikes, get some breakfast, pick up a couple more people and head toward the spot. Boom, here it comes heavy down pour as we make our way on to the 405. Well, that is not going to help, now is it?  This quick burst of rain only lasts for a few minutes.  We drive through the messy stuff and it gets lighter and lighter the closer we get to the spot.  Hmmmm, it might work out just yet.
   We roll into the lot and there are already a half dozen or so riders setting it off, nice to see and it is only just past 11:00am. So, we pull out the bikes , greet the riders and start to warm up and get into the session as well.   It is always good to ride with new people and check out all the different styles, tricks and combos.  It is that sort of thing that always hypes me up and makes me love flatland all the more.
   I think perhaps that the darkness of the sky and the threat of rain kept some from make it out.  It did creep up a few times during the day and stalled out the session a little here and there.    However,  it was a pretty solid group in attendance that grew as the day progressed.
Nor Cal represented it strong. As well as many from the San Diego area, Riverside area, Long Beach, and Los Angeles area riders too not to forget there was awesome homies from that came out from Tucson, AZ. All and all it was a good day of riding.  There are a few things that stood out in my mind. The unicycle flatlander, I believe his name is Spencer. Spencer came out and was shredding the lot like he was riding a normal flat bike.   He had a lot of sick tricks, and a lot of style to top it off.
This cat is pretty dialed.  I have seen tricks on unicycles for years and years and years now.  It is wild to see how much it has evolved and the unicycles have gotten dramatically better along with the tricks, nice.   Ed Nussbaum has to be mentioned, no doubt!  I know that he is generally pretty stoked on riding at Studio City.  I think that a lot of riders can relate to THAT feeling the Studio City lot can offer.  Earlier in the day Ed had mentioned how amped he was on riding right now.  But the proof is in the fact that he was charging it like a madman.  Ed was on point, crazy style.  He was ripping it up.  Even the rain that came crashing down at around 3 o´clock didn´t seem to slow him down one bit, and we mean that completely (see the photo for reference). While everyone else ran for their cars and to the Flat Clothing tent to try and get out of the down pour. Both Ed and Henry kept riding with a vengeance.  I believe that Ed more than proved to be the sickest child at Hollywood Jam 12.

This is the point in the day where the rain just became too much. So, about 80% of those in attendance decided to relocate to the Cal State parking garage to keep the session going.   Sometimes you have got to do what you´ve got to do to keep riding.  Cal State is a great help especially this time of the year.  Because contrary to popular belief it is not always sunny in Southern California.  The session continued in the same vein as originally intended, Cal State allowing for the fair weather extension, Hollywood Jam 12.5.   We all basically rode until the hunger pain set in.  Then it was time to hit up the local Shakey´s Pizza for some pizza, beer/soda for those who are not old enough to drink, and just too hang out with the group and have some relaxed fun.  It was the PERFECT after party to follow a great day of seasoning.
       There was so much variety taking place at every angle, whether it be old school, middle school, new school, or something post modern it is all still flatland at its best.  I am not sure who makes them but, like the sticker states Flatland freestyle, never forget.

Until next time,
Bill Freeman

Photo gallery: Hollywood Jam 2008

2008-11-12 - Bill Freeman