Hollywood Jam 7

     Hollywood Jam 7 ( 2006 )

The Seventh Round of the Hollywood Jam went down last month at the quintissential California riding spot of Zuma Beach. This is the fourth year of the Hollywood Jams, and I have been very lucky so far in terms of weather. Every single jam from round 1 through 6 has had perfect weather. A few we´re very hot. I remember round 2 was scorching, but with round 7 my luck in terms of weather had finally run out. It was the beginning of May in California, and believe it or not it was cold and windy. Almost too windy to ride, but not quite.
With that being said, the jam turned out to be awesome. Everyone who showed up rode hard regardless of the weather. Riders came from Northern California, Nevada, Arizona, and all of the Los Angeles area locals we´re in attendance.

Jesse Puente passed up the Ninja Spin Competition that was being held the same day and came out to the Hollywood Jam. He was saying that "sometimes you have to hold back, so then you can come back and bust out!". That is what he did when he showed up at Voodoo, and got 2nd place. Anyway, I was happy that he made it out to the jam, and he was busting as always.

The mood of the day seemed very 1991 hardcore flatland. The riders at the jam we´re very much about riding, and they didn´t care what the weather was, or how many people showed up. It was just about riding. There we´re also some old school riders that just happened to see the jam from the Highway, and stopped by to check it out. That was fun to hear their enthusiam, and stories from the late 1980s. Also, in attendance was a representative from ABC television. ABC had sent out a scout to check out what the flatland scene is like, because they are interested in using flatland in a new pilot television series they are doing. The television scout talked with us about the flatland scene, and she also filmed a bunch of riders doing tricks in order for ABC to see what flatland is all about. It will be good to get some more flatland on T.V. I think, even though I don´t have a T.V. :) Anyway, a plethora of free stuff was given out once again thanks to Diversion Video Magazine, and myself. I also ran out of raffle tickets, because everyone that was in attendance had gotten something for free. Bike parts, T-Shirts, and Video´s we´re all part of the action in the raffle, and some people we´re swapping their wins. But then we had even more stuff to give out after having gone through all the names.

The only idea I could think of for winning the last couple items was to have a game of foot down, and that´s what we did. Some riders got hurt, and other riders thoroughly enjoyed the competition of this malicious game. You know who you are, and what went down. Anyway, an Arizona local was the last one standing, and Jose from Japan came in second. As the sunset, and Jose busted nose wheelies the jam came to an end. I was happy, and everyone that showed up was glad to be there, and enjoy the california dream once again. I´ll see you all at round 8, which will be in Studio City, at the perfect parking lot of the world. Coming in October/November 2006!

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11th of June 2006 - Stephen "Hollywood" Scheuerer