Hollywood Jam 13

Upholding the tradition, Hollywood jam numero 13.  For those of you that don´t know, named after the flatlander "Hollywood" Steve and NOT for the city of Hollywood.  We all saw it "Under new management", what?  Or something like that, Richard and Ahmed teamed up and are responsible for making this one happen and with less than a month of time to get organized.  I would have to say that they did an excellent job in tackling the tasks of putting out a flyer, filming, editing and posting a little promo video and also wrangling up some top notch sponsors as well.  Zuma Beach is always the place of choice for the springtime portion of the on going series.  We could not have asked for a better day.  Not too sunny or hot and no sweat in the rain department either, nice one.


   The day started off fairly early.  I left my apartment at just after 8:00am to do a little running around, get some gas and other supplies.  Then I headed over to Ahmed´s place.  The original plan was to meet up with Richard at Ahmed´s and then head down toward Venice for some breakfast at Silver´s dad´s spot.  It turned out to be a really great way to start the day off, as I am a big fan of break fast foods.  Tasty as hell and no complaints here.  Many thanks, yo!! After we got our grub on.  We jumped back in the rides, hit the PCH and headed north.  The traffic was not too bad but it did seem to be further than I remembered.  We were shooting for 11:30 but we were not quite able to make that happen.  As we made our first pass it is good to see the lot already being warmed up by some flatlanders.  Busting a U turn is in order and a little scrambling is necessary but we do manage to secure some parking spots.  The offload - bikes, drinks, snacks, and tunes.  All lights go, time to hit it.  The first thing that I see from the distance is the day glow green from Ed Nussbaum´s frame; he appears to be setting it off proper, always the sick child.


 I, as always, was looking forward to getting out and doing some riding, some hanging out at the beach checking out all of the progression going on with everyone´s riding and of course doing some socializing as well.  These things make for a fun day period.  We roll up to maybe a dozen or so riders already throwing it down.  This number multiplied quickly after we arrived we had gotten there just before the main rush.  Really, it was a pretty decent turnout. However, there were some notables missing from the fold.  The originator for which the event is named after has been temporarily MIA lately no

"Hollywood" Steve and Bobby Carter too was no where to be seen, as he happens to be out of town on business.  Ryan and Harb made it out from AZ, OSG is down from Nor Cal, Long Beach is in effect with Chad J, Ed Nussbaum, Fat Tony, and Stefano, Chris Day is out and about with the Flat Clothing set, Anthony and Max from Quamen, Sam was up from near San Diego, can´t forget Koit, as well as Ryan and the Riverside area

Crew, Eric Wright rolls through no doubt, not to forget the valley too with Mario and also making an appearance, the pride of Ralph´s, Jonathan.  Hehe (You know I´m just playing homie).  So I guess what I’m trying to say is that there was a fare amount of riders from all around California and some outlining areas too.  Some old friends and some new faces too a definite plus.


BMX is a positive form of expression.  I have been finding it a really important artistic release and stress reliever in my life lately. The Zuma Beach spot is a big open spot for that expression. Flatland, street or otherwise.  A bicycle is a bicycle.  There is probably only a select few that might remember the term bicycle soul riding.  It need not be about competition or bragging and boasting all of the time but just riding, soul riding.  There was plenty of sessioning going on at this event.  Sometimes riders busting it out solo.  Some interacting in a jam circle, link for link, working it out with that experience or even in front of the camera or film crew too. Sam the main man with the camera, OSG on his custom video set up, and also there was a crew from Fuel TV out for the event to shoot a segment for the Weekly Update, nice.  BMX has no limits other than those you set on yourself.  Have fun continue to push further what is possible.  Make it happen, progress

for yourself first and for that accomplishment.  That is really the sense that I got while being at this Hollywood jam.  Flatland and that kinship that is present within the community regardless of where you’re from or who you are.  That is what I was reminded of this time around the most.  Hanging out with friends and having fun.  It is these types

of things that really made it a successful day.image


   There are some big Thanks in order to all of the sponsors that sent out products for the event.  Ares bykes America, East County BMX, flatlandfuel.com, and Quamen bikes too.  Thank you all!!!  Later in the after noon as the riding was starting to slow down. There was a product raffle to get under way.  There was plenty to go around, so what more could you ask for.  T-shirts, hoodies, hats, sweatbands, sprockets, handlebars, grips, pedals, DVDs, and the like.  It was something like the icing on the cake as the day came to a close and everything winds down.  Yet another one in the books and we are out. 



Until Later.


Bill Freeman


2009-05-21 - Bill Freeman