Harlee Cup V

imageHarlee Cup V. was the first contest of the year in Hungary. It took place in the city of Tokaj, which is famous for its wine country. About 50 hungarian riders showed up from all around the country and some riders came from the Czech Republic. Everybody was excited to meet the ones they only see at contests and to see the new tricks and bikes of other riders. The contest was due to start at 1 pm but it started to rain. It seemed that we were not goint to have a contest that day, but after about 30 minutes the rain stopped and the sun started to shine. Some riders started sweeping the water off the riding area (Thanks everyone who swept!), and with their help the area dried quickly. Even though the start of the contest was delayed, the riders had a lot less practice time. The riding area was the soccer court of a primary school and it was a bit dusty even after the rain. Maybe because of the dust or the lack of practice time a lot of riders struggled to pull their tricks in their runs. The atmosphere was laid back and we had a nice green environment and a loud audience compared to other hungarian contests.
The expert category had a few new faces and lots of crankless riders. Seriously, i have never seen this many crankless bikes altogether before this contest.
Monika Hinz was the only girl competitor and she competed in master class. Rob Alton came 3rd with his full chrome bike and unique old school style. Patrik Jancar came 2nd and Sándor Tátrai came 1st with his new and fresh tricks. As far as i know he practiced hard to this contest and he deserved to win.
Pro caregory is usually won by Ádam Kun but this time he was in France for the FISE contest. This made things a bit more exciting. You might remember László Tivadar (also known as Ratyesz) from the ”skillroom” video. He pulled some very original new stuff but unfortunately he didn’t make it to top three. Dénes Katona came 3rd with his incredibly hard rolling tricks. László Elek who is the member of the Harlee team came 2nd. Check out his style in his new video on flatland.hu! The winner of pro class was Péter Sarlós who pulled some really nice combos.
We had tons of fun that day! For example almost all the riders from Debrecen had grown a moustache for this contest just for fun. They looked ridiculous :P In the night we had a nice afterparty, thank God we didn’t have to ride the next day.
Tom from sevisual.com made a nice little video of the event. Check it out on flatland.hu!
Thanks for the organisers for this year’s first contest! See you all next year!


1st Sarlós Péter
2nd Elek László
3rd Katona Dénes

1st Tátrai Sándor
2nd Patrik Jancar
3rd Rob Alton

1st Balogh Roland
2nd Ficsor Tamás
3rd Bordás Ákos

Photo: BMXmag.hu

2008-05-07 - Gábor Bálint